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Firefox 3 download Day


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Holy Spirit Bank: Banco Espírito Santo

This is what happened to me today…the bank is a real bank, it is one of the main banks of Portugal. Just that this goes to demonstrate the move of the Lord in finances, in accordance with Joel 1 and 2. This goes to demonstrate that when God moves, He really does move. He moves […]

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Holy Spirit Bank in Revival

Today I received my membership card for the national football team of Portugal for Euro 2008. It is a visa type debit card. I was only going to activate it just to use for small change. When I got to the bank, I was given great favour and given 3 accounts, for free…the name of […]

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Revival is preparation for sacrifices

The whole theme of martyrdom comes strongly to my spirit these days. There is a generation coming up which has no fear, no remorse, no feeling. I have seen that generation in vision form, and I recognize the type of spirit which will invade that generation. It is a heinous generation having no feeling at […]

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Heavens Open

Today I had the pleasure of using the 24hour a day prayer centre for praying this morning. The main theme being the revival that God wants to bring to Portugal. The heavens opened…the Lord took us to dimensions which maybe very rarely we can go to. But we are in that season, of Transfiguration, where […]

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Update: Portugal For Revival

α ω The Alpha and the Omega We are proclaiming for a revival in this country. We have had some very very firey prayer meetings, but we have come up against barriers. We have come up against strongholds, of religiosity. Many want it to be business as usual. Many do not want even the Spirit […]

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The Gamaliel Test

The Gamaliel Test There is so much talking backward and forward that Toronto is a judgment from the Lord, that Lakeland is a false move. I sometimes get tired of the bickering and the chatter. I therefore propose what I can only discern to be the only wise test…the Gamaliel test. The teacher in Acts […]

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Lakeland Conclusions

  I wrote this to a friend of mine….I may be wrong. I am seeking God. 1. I believe that God is visitting His People. I believe that every revival has had its share of crooks and religious stupidity. This is what we are seeing in many places. I remember when the TORONTO BLESSING came […]


Azusa Thoughts with excerpts from “Like a Mighty Wave”

By Frank Bartleman ” Some Churches are going to be surprised  to find God passing them by. He will work in channels where they will yield to Him. They must humble themselves for Him to come.” The value of humility cannot be underestimated. “The depth of any revival will be determined exactly  by the spirit […]

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Lakeland Perspective from Conrad Lampan

Editors note: There is much controversy surrounding Lakeland. I can only say that we must watch the broadcast on, make a registration and watch it. I watched it the other day, what I can only describe that there was a anointing flooding into my home. Conrad Lampan: God Spoke and said: “LAKELAND is Not […]

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