Introduction to Portugal Fire Ministries


This blog, site, is a sister companion to our main domain. The burden the Lord gave me in 1990 was that Portugal was the nation that God was to show me. Genesis 12:1 is the foundation scripture the Lord gave me to accompany me, not to here, but ironically to Brixham in Devon, UK. The Lord had tremendously visitted me in the time of bereavement of the passing of my father. 3 days before the Lord visitted me in the office of Hill Top Assemblies of God Church, Eastwood, Nottingham, UK. I remember it well, the sweet Presence of Jesus, flooding the office, where I had the habit of seeking Him. He came to warn me of the passing of my father, and my quick removal from Nottingham, to Brixham in Devon.

Since then, I was in Brixham all of 2 years, where God showed me prophetically, Portugal. I had moved from a mainly pastoral mindset, to a PROPHETIC MINDSET. The Lord visitted me many times in the fisherman’s cottage, where a prophet named Andrew Baker, once lived. How I remember those times. Now I celebrate 13 years of being here in the land…burdened for a mighty revival…for God to pour out His Spirit. Join with me in this.


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