Revival and the History lessons

The lessons from spiritual revival history, shows us the Church in various places and how they received the Outpouring.

Covenants of Prayer are commonplace. They show us a small company with a great commitment at a high level to prayer. There are no prayerless revivals. There are no shortcuts either. I personally believe that REVIVAL IS PRAYED DOWN NOT WORKED UP…How easy is it to work ourselves up. Some have become offended with me concerning this statement. Some have taken this and said I was criticizing current moves of God…

No, revival is initially, initially prayed down…then is POURED OUT…this is very important to note. Very important to understand in God. So we are praying for PORTUGAL and the nations. First we must understand that my treating of this must be first vertical then God will treat the horizontal. This is very very important to understand. If not we can abort the plan of God.

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