Azusa Thoughts with excerpts from “Like a Mighty Wave”

By Frank Bartleman

Some Churches are going to be surprised  to find God passing them by. He will work in channels where they will yield to Him. They must humble themselves for Him to come.” The value of humility cannot be underestimated.

The depth of any revival will be determined exactly  by the spirit of repentance that is obtained.” This can only be obtained through intense commitment to prayer and seeking God…

Just on these two statements from that Revival, we have therefore the foundation of seeking the Lord. Without humility there can be no deepening of our commitment to seeking God and being laid bare. Isaiah 6 shows us the consequences of being “laid bare” before the Glory of God.

Frank Bartleman recites that one day in the New Testament Church, the Lord came very close…He was almost visible. The believers became fearful and ran out of the building. Just shows how much our Christianity, whilst being a leap of faith, convenient being an invisible reality. Therefore we can rationialize our commitment at will. Therefore, we must take lessons from the revivals. They come from desperate hearts, seeking hearts, to see that the only way out is REVIVAL and nothing will stir us away from that goal. Contentment of ourselves spiritually is an enemy of this obligatory process of revival.

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