Lakeland Conclusions


I wrote this to a friend of mine….I may be wrong. I am seeking God.

1. I believe that God is visitting His People. I believe that every revival has had its share of crooks and religious stupidity. This is what we are seeing in many places. I remember when the TORONTO BLESSING came over to Britain when I was still there. I saw that the main manifestations were wild to say the least. Many rejected the Toronto Blessing including myself. This was 1994. I then came over here to live in 1995, and in 1997 the Lord took me back to Britain to the centre of the Toronto Blessing, and there I saw it was of the Spirit. What I had seen was that many who caught the fire of it, did not let it work down into their spirit. They played into the flesh and the devil. I tell you, when we are deluded God gives you over to another spirit.

2. I believe that for so long, maybe 7 years we have been in humiliation. We have been in jeopardy. We have been brought down to desperation. We have tried every gimmick to try to grow our church. We have come to the point of brokeness. It took 7 years. Hence the excitement of Lakeland and Charlotte, now Albany too. The people are hungry.

3. To say they broke into revival is a error. They did not break into it, they simply partook of the open heaven that someone else broke through for them. It takes birthing in the Spirit, it takes travail. Therefore, revival always comes in response to hearfelt intercession.

4. So what do we do? We do what Pastor Bartleman did in 1906, he heard about Wales, and made a personal covenant with God to seek Him. So when I come to those who have been to Lakeland, they say no, you just receive by faith. WRONG. .and wrong again. It has to be prayed down in the locality for the locality. When I said this on a forum this week, I was immediately expelled. Such is the desperation on people’s faces. This worries me…because the old addage says : “You pray revival down, you do not work it up.” So my conclusion is as follows..I believe that Lakeland is a revival…but it will not spread like people think. Where is the preparation according to Hosea 6, break up fallow ground? Therefore, I for one am praying for revival here…will not run to Lakeland for any cheap blessing, no, it cost the revivalists of old, and will cost me all…hence Jesus told the parable of the treasure…we must sell all for Christ. Hence my conclusion in one.

  1. #1 by Regena Estep on June 8, 2008 - 12:04 am

    Your words of exhortation to the saints is of a truth indeed!
    Revival is not summoned up by man…it is a pouring down of God Himself upon a transparent open heart for whatever God wants.

    In essence I do not endorse one wearing a tee shirt advertising where to get their tattoo, while shouting call upon our God!
    Nor do I endorse the Blank Blank’s Healing Revival;a mere man’s name attributed to the miraculous!

    Have we forgotten that when true beleivers join together in unity and prayer the place is shaken; corporate anointing pulls heaven into the earth!

  2. #2 by Rev. Jean on June 16, 2008 - 9:21 pm

    And he who does not take up his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me Matthew 10:38

    Revivial truly is found in the heart of man, recognizing his need for God in all of his life. Truly one must sacrifice his all, and then one has revival in one’s life, and then ministry unto the Master.

    Rev. Jean

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