Heavens Open

Today I had the pleasure of using the 24hour a day prayer centre for praying this morning. The main theme being the revival that God wants to bring to Portugal. The heavens opened…the Lord took us to dimensions which maybe very rarely we can go to.

But we are in that season, of Transfiguration, where Jesus rolls back His Glory to see Him as He truly is. We share in glorious fellowship in the Glory, with men who have gone before us. For this reason Hebrews 12 tells us that we go into a realm of witnesses, who have gone before us, and we are treading in footsteps that cost them to cut the way through being pioneers. So, in this way, we come to a place where we cut away the obstacles and sin which can make the way tiring. So it is in the way of Revival, knowing that before our generations there were others who beyond their normal ability, made a way into the mountain of glory, so that we may see Him as He is, and go with Him into His Clouds.

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