Revival is preparation for sacrifices

The whole theme of martyrdom comes strongly to my spirit these days. There is a generation coming up which has no fear, no remorse, no feeling. I have seen that generation in vision form, and I recognize the type of spirit which will invade that generation. It is a heinous generation having no feeling at all, just machines which do the devil’s will.

The revival in this time is to prepare for a great harvest and a great push toward the end days. Believe me, the end days are marked by the blood of the martyrs, because it is this blood which will sow to judgment, because the judgment of God is reaped through the shedding of innocent blood. There will be a glorious and wonderful spirit come into God’s people, which is of complete passion for Jesus. I believe Jesus will draw us close to Him in these days, so that we shall be amazed by His Brightness, realize what He did for us, and who He is for us.

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