Holy Spirit Bank: Banco Espírito Santo

This is what happened to me today…the bank is a real bank, it is one of the main banks of Portugal. Just that this goes to demonstrate the move of the Lord in finances, in accordance with Joel 1 and 2. This goes to demonstrate that when God moves, He really does move. He moves to rescue us. He moves in financial revival to position us in integrity and proper stewardship. In this way He can bless us, in this way we can sow into other ministries, and be good ground to be sown into.
I am writing to you because of something so funny that happened to me today. It goes to demonstrate the humour of God in revival. As you know, here in Portugal we have been building up to a revival, but we forget that it covers finances too. Well a couple of weeks ago, the television morning news on one channel ran a bulletin concerning our new football contest called Euro 2008. The national team were mounting a fan club with cards for members, and I signed up. The card came this morning. I had to go off to a bank to activate the card, and account, which here in Portugal is not easy, as usually there are high charges.
I went to the Bank of the Holy Spirit where the lady was so kind, said I want to offer for free 3 accounts for your ministry project. So I signed up, usually to open an account you pay $200 for each one. The charge was waived for me…Praise God. I pointed my Paypal to the new account, so whenever anyone pays and sows into my paypal, they are signing into the Bank of the Holy Spirit. For me was God’s sense of humour. Then I saw also God do what He says in Isaiah 40, straightening things out, so that I can divide ministry funds and expenses from family ones, being a stature of integrity. I believe that with the way God is bringing revival He is also bringing order. I just was so blessed by the favour and am convinced that God must straighten us out, structure us, as the OUTPOURING IS JUST THAT, a great deluge of the Spirit in all dimensions of life.
Remember me this weekend, ministering tomorrow in the Youth Revival weekend. Then on Sunday be ministering to pastors and leaders. We are anticipating a revival to break out. Last night we had a MIGHTY VISITATION  IN OUR INTERCESSION  TIME. I shared from Ephesians 1.
Also see https://portugalfire.wordpress.com . Revival is FAVOR, IS RELEASE, IS PURIFYING, SANCTIFYING…BREAKING TO MAKING….PRAISE GOD…PRAISE GOD.
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