Prophetic Pilgrimage

I have had a TREMENDOUS AND MIGHTY WEEKEND. Starting on Friday with the start of a youth revival retreat. We showed the DVD “The Passion.” Then I gave a message. Was a mighty time. Saturday was also very mighty. Sunday morning had to speak to pastors and leaders about the state of a professional ministry, and transgressing our covenant with God from Hosea 8. Tremendous. At night in our meeting we sent out two Evangelists who today at 3am started a pilgrimage to Fátima to spread the Gospel and to see the anointing spread over the nation of Portugal. This is a pilgrimage of prayer, intercession and prophecy. It is a walk of 200 miles. We sent them out this morning at 3.30am and the anointing was so great I nearly fell in the power of it.

If you make a research about Portugal, you will see that the focus at the moment is the Mary cult of Fátima, which has for the last 100 years gripped the nation. Idols are commonplace. But these two evangelists of our church, sensed God in this, as we did. So they departed and have made great headway in the anointing. The Church is in fasting and prayer for them as well as for the nation. We are praying for a MIGHTY CHANGE AND UPHEAVAL OF THE NATION FROM STAUNCH CATHOLICISM TO SPIRITUAL REVIVAL. We ask you all to join us in this effort.

In the preparations we have noted a specific attack in some areas, but on Friday we shall be waiting for them in Fátima and we will embrace them and pray and take Communion there, and then have a meeting when we get back up here. Praise God.

Tomorrow I am up on prayer mountain. Pray for us please. My personal email is

. God bless you all, and is good to be back again amongst you all.

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