Behold I do a new thing

Behold I do A NEW THING…I am going to restore you….


The Lord is coming. He is coming to purify the Church, because to enter the new thing we must be purified. We need to enter into the new season through HOLINESS. The Lord is not coming to do a superficial work.


The Lord says “Choose between you…choose Saul, or choose David. “


These are two different ways in the Lord, in the Spirit. The former can receive the Spirit and prophesy, but is disobedient. Has no posture in the Spirit, has no idea that OBEDIENCE IS TOTAL, hence is barred from coming into the fullness. Why are so many tormented by spirits? Why are so many misguided? Why so many persecute the new revivals? It is because they REJECTED THE WORK OF GOD IN THEIR OWN LIFE. The Spirit has departed, because the day has arrived that God has chosen a new generation of leaders. They are leaders who have a heart after God. They are not desert wanderers. They are not strikers of the rock.


The Lord has brought to the throne of their calling, the rejected and persecuted. A new generation of leaders has come. They are the David’s. They are not interested in position. They do not seek for themselves. They seek Him.


Today choose your generation…today choose David…who replaces a disobedient generation.

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