Saul or David, you decide.

Who do you want to be?

A Saul. You are affected by the Outpouring of the Spirit, but your heart has never been circumcised. You prophesy but your heart is not brought near. You are deceived into believing that moving in gifts is synomously associated with being close to God. But when God tests you, you fail every time. 

Then there comes a season WHERE GOD ACTUALLY TAKES THE CALL AWAY. The communion of the call is taken away. Then demons take the place of the Call. Who do want to be? There is nothing worse than a leader rejected by God permanently in the wrong place…

You want to be David, who learned at an early age the wisdoms and care of pastoring the flock. You want to be a David who values the Presence more than anything. You want to be a David who knows the Heart of God. You want to be a David who follows His Heart through the most testing of circumstances.

David was a patient man, who was faithful in every level of leadership. Noone is made a leader suddenly rather, they ARE transitioned frequently. This wisdom in transition brings great recompenses. Even in the caves God tested him, brought Saul close, yet he respects the anointing. How many want to kill their leader off? How many slander God’s anointing, because of his personal position. This is not for us, we have to wait God’s time, even if we are more qualified. Even we have a major anointing. God has His timing.

So who do you want to be?

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