Word for Portugal: Ian Johnson New Zealand, given 07.07.06

 Word for Portugal . Given to Ian Johnson 07:07:06. ianjohn@xtra.co.nz

Tonight in a dream I saw the Angel of the Lord Over Portugal,
He was very big and He carried responsibility for the Iberian Peninsular.
He thrust his hand into the earth in an around mid to northern Portugal he pulled out a Golden vessel, very elaborate. Out of the vessel he poured Forth water upon very dry ground, in the area near where he had recovered the vessel. The Earth sprung forth and began to bear fruit from this area.
Then I saw many pieces of fruit, all sorts of exotic fruit.
The Angel said there were 106 pieces of fruit. He then began to take the fruit and strategically place it all over the nation of Portugal and plant it. The fruit began to bear much fruit in its own right some a little some a very great amount. The dream ended. this is an encouragement to you; you have much help from the Lord, even the Angel over the Nation. Call it forth because without the pouring forth of Water from the ancient calling over the nation you will minister in dry ground. The fruit was all different and very exotic indicating that each had a very unique call and were the planting of the Lord. It may even indicate that they don’t all come from Portugal.

It was the Angel who took them and planted them strategically in 106 locations, indicating that the Lord will move who he wants when he wants. Be encouraged. Hold this in your heart! The call and giftings of God are without repentance and remain on individuals or nations even when they are not exercised. In recent days I have had a tremendous burden for Portugal and have been proclaiming the call of God over her in the Spirit.

For a couple of hundred years Portugal made a huge impact on the World in terms of the Gospel. Her call was one of Evangelism and missions, and in the years that she exercised her calling Portugal became the most powerful nation on Earth. There was humility in her during this time that was not so evident in her close neighbour Spain.
The Lord has exercised me in recent times about trigger nations; these are countries that will trigger revival in a geographic region in the Former and latter rain harvest. Portugal I believe is one of these nations, and the call has gone out in the Spirit for Portugal to return to her first calling. Evangelism and Mission. To achieve this call the Lord is going to cause her to shake off Religion and dead works. In the natural this seems like an impossible thing. But I have seen her, this great nation rising again in the Glory of the Lord. Not in the dead works of recent times but in a glory released at the end of the age. Young people will be caught in visions and dreams and compelled to take up the call once more. Even now the hand of the Lord is bringing the nation of Portugal to the attention of many. An army of intercessors is rising up, for many they have not known what the burden is for; they just feel called to pray for Portugal! I have seen in the Spirit Portugal as a doorway to Europe, a release of Angelic and supernatural activity, a zeal that will come from the streets and sweep a nation into worship, and from a place of rest missionaries will flow into Europe. The power of the fire will shake the very foundations of Europe, The young will lead the old into this move, and together the fire will spread

Arise Portugal arise! Enter into your call.

A word for Portugal Ian Johnson Mar 23 2007  ianjohn@xtra.co.nz


Like an eagle I have soared over the land of Portugal I have seen the vines
I have seen the olive trees. Soft and tender they are But I saw them about to bear fruit! Not just in the place of the Angel where the ground was rent But right across the land Fruit Fruit Fruit 106 kinds To bring revival to the land of inheritance For behold the Angel has raised a trumpet and the ground will yield a harvest for the For the husbandman With a blast the ground shakes and men will feel its wind Those who are wise will know the season and rejoice that winter is past The Angel has blown his trumpet 106 fruits are about to come forth You will see it You will taste it so shall it spring forth
Portugal arise
Portugal arise.
I saw you in an olive grove,
Lush and green
You were eating its fruit and drinking wine of the land
I felt like I said to you.
The season to eat and drink of the land is here we tasted the olives and drank a glass of wine together
It was in a field formally barren but now in fruit you were despondent and failed to see the trees growing
It was in the place where the angle punched the ground and drew forth the goblet of inheritance over the land
The Lord sent me to speak words of encouragement to you and to taste and see that the Lord, He is good!!! ( and we have tasted together!) to tell you of the Love of the Father and to rejoice with you in the fruit of your labour!

To tell you of His great love for you and to say, look and see what the Lord has done How great is the Lord and how marvellous are His works Forget the former things to lay aside the pain of the planting to wash your hands and come and taste For in a season of bareness life has sprung forth 106 fruits are planted in the soon it will spring forth and you will see and you will taste the fruit of the land its His fruit its His crop its His inheritance so shall it spring forth
“For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grapes Give a good smell.” Song of Solomon 2:11-13
Ian Johnson

                          HIS AMAZING GLORY MINISTRIES

Ian & Joye Johnson.


www.papelim.org.nz  – ianjohn@xtra.co.nz

  1. #1 by Jeff Dean on July 17, 2009 - 5:50 pm

    Hey! Keep on crying out for Portugal! This is so cool. I’m studying spanish and will be studying portugese soon. I’ve known for a while that I will be doing ministry in Brazil, but recently God spoke to me about teaching and ministering in Portugal! I’m so thrilled! Keep up the awesome work.

    I pray diligence and rest over you! In the name of Jesus, may you hear the sweet wispers of Heaven and become even more intimate with the Father. Peace and Grace over you, and I pray that you would encounter even greater annointing!

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