Pilgrimage for Jesus to save a Nation 2

This was born in the Heart of God, to fulfil the Word in Isaiah 40, to prepare the Way of the Lord. Prepare indeed the Way of the Lord for revival in Portugal. Two men set out last Monday morning at 4am for Fátima. This is the bastion of all Our Lady worship, which has brought great idolatry to this nation. They arrived on Thursday last, at 10.30pm. A journey marked by great difficulties, great anointing, great salvations. 6 people were saved on that trip. We joined them on Thursday, egging them on. When we arrived in Fátima, we experienced the ANOINTING OF THE LORD, in preparing us for great REVIVAL in this nation. We arranged our trip, flowed so well, finances, cars, health. We set out. We met the two evangelists just 3.5 kms away from their destination. They were very attacked spiritually, but when we appeared they gained SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH. We arrived in prayer, intercession. Was an amazing time. Please see pics below.


There will be a piece mounted of the journey in full on our site shortly: www.prayer-revival-initiative.com


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