Portugal Fire! Updates

I am here to give you updates this very fine sunny morning. We have
had some major outpourings and transitions. Major transitions. I am a
little shaky also, as some of those transitions mean letting go of
some wineskins, and receiving new ones and receiving new attitudes
from the Spirit as revealed by the Word. I feel that Jesus is taking
us all on His Mountain, to show us His Glory. I am coming back once
again to a message I published in 2004. The Lord is showing me how He
1. Taking us up into a new dimension: the heights of the mountain, His
Mountain. From here there are no multitudes or confusion, just the
small company Jesus selects.
2. From there we see the Glory come into our dimension. This is
awesome, because revival is exactly that. It is the Glory of God
coming into our realm and we being in it. Referring to information
concerning the Hebrides Revival of 1948-1952, 1957, we see that one of
the main marks of any revival is the appearance and manifestation of
3. We see the manifestation of Moses and Elijah with our Lord. Two
distinct rivers are opened in the Spirit. Here we see the Moses stream
which is DELIVERANCE FROM AND DELIVERANCE TO. This is deliverance from
Egypt, and sanctification to Canaan. The Lord through Moses institutes
the Law of living in covenant with God, community living. Here the
community of Israel is organized. IT is marvellous to see that through
Christ, a new community of faith must be organised. The Law which
Jesus hands down is not written on tables, but on the Human Heart by
the Spirit. Ref. Romans 8.2, and Ezekiel 36. The Elijah stream is one
of RECONCILIATION and REVIVAL. This is the stream which is being
poured out now.  I will tell you how.
We had a major attack against our church. There were major attacks
against my wife’s and my ministry last week. My wife was due in
hospital. But God moved to postpone. The Lord brought into being the
ELIJAH STREAM where repentance before the rebuilt altar. Before there
is revival fire, there must be restored the ALTAR OF THE LORD. The
altar for us is our heart. Our heart before the Lord, in presenting
the “sacrifices” of prayer and worship. Unless this is restored there
can be no fire. Whatever fire we offer is strange, does not come from
heaven. Therefore before the Altar of the Lord we see truly WHO IS
GOD, our idolatry is purged and our dryness is watered by the great
rain of the Spirit. Jesus flowed in this prophetic stream, in that He
became our Altar, and through Him we receive the rain of the Spirit to
bring us totally into the blessing of the Lord.
This brings us into the dimension of Malachi 4, which speaks of a
future day. It speaks of our day. Never more do families need the
reconciliation. The Gospel we preach is in the Elijah stream. It is a
gospel of Reconciliation. Therefore we must see that it is needed the
outflow of the fulness of this stream.

As we see these two men speaking mysteries with Jesus we come to
understand that whatever mysteries are spoken in those glory realms,
are mysteries to those unprepared and unrevealed. The Lord wants us to
understand these mysteries. But there is a time of preparation. Peter
and company were sleepy, heavy because of the glory. The word Glory in
itself is chabowd, which means WEIGHT. How much weight was on them
made them drowsy.

Finally we see the Cloud envelope them all, and the Father Himself
testifies of the Son. So any Glory manifest on the earth will never
testify of man…but of His Son. A test indeed of all revivals on the
earth. Any revival that lifts up men, is hype, any move of revival
that lifts up Jesus is holy. This is not pointing to Lakeland or
anywhere. It is a principle.

They entered the cloud, such fear came of God…my friends, a friend
of mine asked me, you ask for revival, do you know what you ask? For
the Glory is fearful to the human heart., You can only enter with Holy
Fear and when Jesus opens this heavenly door to you.

As for us, we have started a campaign of 3am prayer for revival based
on the scripture “Revive your work oh Lord, in the midst of years.” It
is catching fire. The Lord is visitting. I had a dream last night, of
walking in the river. I get a prophecy from New Zealand about rivers
of fire and glory. They come from here.

Please pray for my wife also. We have Korean churches praying for her.
For her healing, so that she will not be operated on, that the halt on
ill health shall be made, so that we can carry on in the ministry He
has given us, please pray for that.

We are currently in touch with many brethren from New Zealand who have
a burden for this nation. It is amazing indeed.

May God bless you.


  1. #1 by Pastor Jachin Charley on May 9, 2009 - 6:38 am

    Date: May 9, 2009
    Beloved in Jesus Christ,

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    pastorcharleyindia@gmail.com, bcpastorcharley@gmail.com

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