Portugal Fire! Ministries Updates

Dear All,

I have just left my wife in hospital. This operation is clearly an attack of satan to take us out of the work for this time, which is crucial. The Lord is filling our church with the spirit of prayer for revival. Last night’s prayer meeting was full to overflowing. It was overwhelming to see such hunger.

Below is a word from a key intercessor in New Zealand. Daryl Symester. I reproduce this with his permission.

Hi Ian  this is the Vision that I saw as we were praying in the garage..when we had been talking, you were telling me about the possible call/visit to Portugal


I saw Fire coming out of Portugal, a broad stream of it, right across France, into Germany, where it began splitting, up to Belgium, Luxembourg, down to Italy, through Switzerland. But the mainstream carried on through Germany to the eastern European countries, through Austria to Czeckoslovakia, POLAND, up to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia (the Baltics..!), to Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, and down to Macedonia.. yes Macedonia. Praise the Lord,.. Holy Spirit Fire.. It was a stream of fire, coming out of Portugal, and as it went across to Italy, (the Alps!) it was beginning to increase, because others were joining its Glory stream, joining to take the Fire to other nations, to the nations crying out to the Lord. I could hear the cries, the cries of the people, calling out to the Lord. I’m crying again as I write this, they were crying out, beseeching the Lord to conme to them, to bring His Glory, His love.. and as i went- the Glory fire went passed Geermany, I looked to the North, but the lord said not to the North, they are not crying out to Me, for Me, .when they cry out to me, I will go to the North ( THAT WAS NOT AN IF, HE SAID WHEN!).  and many came to join the Glory-Fire, the River of Fire, it became a River, a broad River,  ,, because of the Lord, their love for the Lord, and For His people.. Oh come to the River people jump in the River,. but this was a River of Fire, Glory Fire, a stream of Fire, and people were joining it ,to take the Fire, the Glory fire to the natuions, the Nations crying out to Him .. and from there the Fire will go out to other nations.. ( the Ukaine, yes the Ukraine, to Mongolia, yes Mongolia, to Uxbekistan and the Urals, tyo Kazakhstan, yesKazahkstan (I cant spell it), these are the nations it will go to says the Lord.. Praise God..)..


And as we considered this Fire, this River of Fire, the Lord was calling you My son, and he was showing about the Catholic nations being a catalyst, and He said to me, ‘Many dont understand what the Lord has placed in Catholicism,’ (I did not say the enemy, yes we are all well aware of the destruction the enemy has sown in, but do we see what the Lord has put in there..the Holy Fire FI-IRE of GOD!!)(weeping again) – And remember I saw the rugby team from Potugal , weeping as they sang their national anthem, I’m weeping again, as they sang for the Lord,the Lord says I can use a people who are passionate for the Lord, who love their Lord who will do exploits for their Lord.They are passionate for their God, yes they are passionate for their GOD! And the Lord weas showing that they will come from England, from the UK., From Eire , from the North, (see below Kathie) (the Hebrides, from Scotland (Skoutlund!)those wild men, wildwild people of the North..) to feed the Glory fire, to join the Glory Fire Of God to Europe to the N ations../..!!!!


    “there will be a Celtic revival that will and is helping to feed thiis Glory River, Kathie, Holy Fire, Glory fire.. a holy people birthed in the nations of the Celts,  Holy fire, Holy fire, coming from the Celtic regions, River of Fire, Of fire for the Lord.. Come again Lord Jesus, send Your Fire, Your Holy FIRE.”


‘Tell the brothers in Portugal, the sisters in Potugal, this is what the Lord is going to do for them..’ Hallelujah. Praise You Lord Jesus, King of Glory..  lift up your Heads, Oh Ye Gates, that the King, the King of Glory might come in.. Praise the Lord..


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