The Body, The Bride and the Lover

Dear All,
There is coming a maturity in the Spirit, regards not just the downpouring of the Spirit into the believer, but spreading in an horizontal fashion. My wife was operated on today. The flow of the Spirit in this wise is different. The Lord is not calling us to a ministry per se, without the added passion for Jesus which also comes from the passion and devotion in horizontal relationships. We cannot live and breathe alone, we are called to relate, so the Lord is drawing us.
The Lord wants to draw us into the Garden of Love with Him, and with those whom He gave us. We did not understand why God allowed my wife to undergo a painful operation. The taking away of natural childbirth facility. That is because we are into birthing spiritual sons and daughters, this is begetting them spiritually. The Lord is saying our PASSION FOR GOD, BRINGS PASSION FOR OUR SPOUSES AND OUR CHILDREN, WHOLENESS IN FAMILIES begetting also spiritually those offspring. The Lord is not calling a MINISTER TO MINISTER, BUT TO BE AN EXPRESSION OF CHRIST IN EVERY FACET AND SENSE.
We need to allow God to allow to fire up not only the agape in our relationships, but also the phileo and even eros in some. This may seem strange. But we often forget the multiforme love which must come into expression. I am in a learning curve now, and it must be walked out. The Lord is bringing us all into maturity that we may be the model in marriages, families and friendships.
Where is this going? Revival is far more than just spiritual visitation, and Baptisms, spiritual realities, it is about transforming communities, through the SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY. I do not know how this relates to you all…but I know that this mail is going to fire up the forum and all who I share this with.
  1. #1 by pastor Daniel W. Makokha on July 22, 2008 - 3:54 pm

    I was looking for the Body and Bride ministry of Apostle Howard and stumbled upon this website. My question is do you offer apostolic cover for young upcoming ministries? We are based on the western part of Kenya.

    Rev. Daniel W. Makokha.
    cell : +254720954763

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