These last few days have been difficult to situate myself in this sea of uncertainty since my wife got back from hospital. It has been a very intense time, with me nearly awake caring for her for 24 hours a day because of pains etc., I am completely exhausted. But I know that this is for a purpose.

The flow of the Spirit is different, and I wonder what changes in our beings are going to be made. I am very aware of the selfishness of people, the waywardness of people. I am struggling myself, would wish to have extended communion time with the Lord. But it is not possible in the classic sense of the Word. I grab “sound bytes” with the Lord.

Today I was pretty wasted in the physical sense of the word, when a comment on the pastor’s and minister’s page caught my attention. Portuguese emigrants are sensing the call back to their land. This for me was a great encouragement, and thanks to those youth pastors from USA.

The Lord is saying that He is doing delicate surgery in His People, revival is not forcing things into being, because it is not by might nor by power but By My Spirit says the Lord.

This surgery is to take out delicate organs which we depend on in the natural to transplant new spiritual organs of giving birth to spiritual sons and daughters. This is the challenge of the hour. There are TOO MANY ORPHANS IN THE BODY.

I ask you to pray for Paula, my wife, and pray and cover us, difficult times though they are, are “wombs” of deep and profound wells in the Spirit.

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