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    Kathie Walters wrote, compiled a book wonderful in content. Many of the Portuguese people here have been delighted of making the effort to understand the book and to apply its many principles. I am currently working on this book today, particularly the covers. It is wonderful to see such a divine account be […]

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GMX webmail client

  This not downloadable software, but the most revolutionary in webbased email client…go to to open an account and link your aol, yahoo, msn and hotmail accounts.

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Move of Revival over the earth is two fold

    I have been very busy over the last few days. The Lord is also speaking wonderfully. There is a two fold revival pouring out, called FIRE AND GLORY. The fire must fall. 2 Chronicles 7:1 shows us the preparation for the Glory to fill the house. God wants to fill our “house” with […]

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Youth Camp

The Youth camp will start this weekend. Jan Ennis, of Porto, who is the owner of Quinta da Paz, and organizer and leader of the camps, has probably had the best camps of all time. We have at various times over the last few weeks been there to support and pray with, children and juniors […]

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Camp Gallery


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The Prophetic Message

THE OIL FOR MEETING THE BRIDEGROOM Russell Durose   Matthew 25   The Lord gave me a revival message for our meeting on Wednesday in the midst of camp meetings. My days are very racy in that I have domestic tasks to help Paula who is still in recuperation and rest. I am having […]

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The financial breakthrough is two ways for the sower and receiver

The Lord has been teaching me a principle, in that, once God gives His Favour from heaven, starts to liberate massive breakthroughs, particularly in the financial area, the Lord wants us to understand something. He wants us to understand that He is releasing us, to have seed to sow, so that in our harvest, we […]

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God’s Project for us

God’s project is making us into the Image of His Son. What will it take us to get there? God’s Holy Spirit has been given to do the job of TRANSFORMING, HEALING, RESTORING AND RESTITUTING everything the enemy has stolen from us. The Lord is bringing us into a new place in HIM where our […]

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Microsoft Live Business Website

Portugal Fire! Ministries has been using this platform for some time for it’s parent website found : :  This platform of website is based upon AJAX and aspx pages. We are constructing these for ministries around the globe at a symbolic price of $200. This is one of the ways which we use to […]

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Need MP3

If anyone can send us by email the “Champion” by Carman I would really appeciate it due to the fact that we need it for camp, to speak to non believers, using the music and drama incorporate. You can email the file down to . Thankyou in anticipation.

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