This is the time!


Dear All,
I just want to share what God has given me prophetically, and has released me from what was a very very tough week. I was sad after Paula’s operation like all of heaven was at a stand still, stopped if you will. But this week Mike and Liz and family got to praying, and God birthed in them what God is really doing. My thanks goes to them for backing me up.
The Lord spoke to me very deeply. He showed me three wonderful verses in Psalm 105.
(Psa 105:16)


Moreover he called forH7121 a famineH7458 uponH5921 the land:H776 he brakeH7665 the wholeH3605 staffH4294 of bread.H3899

(Psa 105:17)


He sentH7971 a manH376 beforeH6440 them, even Joseph,H3130 who was soldH4376 for a servant:H5650

(Psa 105:18)


Whose feetH7272 they hurtH6031 with fetters:H3525 heH5315 was laidH935 in iron:H1270

(Psa 105:19)


UntilH5704 the timeH6256 that his wordH1697 came:H935 the wordH565 of the LORDH3068 triedH6884 him.

(Psa 105:20)


The kingH4428 sentH7971 and loosedH5425 him; even the rulerH4910 of the people,H5971 and let him go free.H6605

(Psa 105:21)


He madeH7760 him lordH113 of his house,H1004 and rulerH4910 of allH3605 his substance:H7075

(Psa 105:22)


To bindH631 his princesH8269 at his pleasure;H5315 and teach his senatorsH2205 wisdom.H2449

Who called for the famine? God…famine in God’s ways is a REPOSITIONING. God breaks, dependency on normal processes. Verse 16.

He sent…When God sends, He sends to prepare the way. He sent Joseph, simply to be the forerunner of the family, a family which should become a nation. When you think how much prosperity was given to Israel in Goshen in little over 400 years, you can imagine how much God blessed them.

Look at Joseph for a moment, what was the price for him being a forerunner? Slavery and prison. How many of us have felt in our beings the price of us being forerunners before the Great Day of the Lord. Malachi 4 talks of a generation, talks of the type of move of the Lord which would come…a spirit of Elijah.

Until…magic words! The proving is for a season. How long in this case? 13 years, and for David, how long? 13 years. I am going into the 13th year of marriage this year, and the 13th year of being here in Portugal. What happened to you in 1995? What did God do with you? Did he relocate you? That season is coming to an end.

The King of kings is about to summon you and commission you. You shall occupy the fullness of that which God had promised you. He shall give you His Ring, He shall cause all those who misunderstood you to come and marvel at your God.

I had a dream recently, that I had gone back to my home church in UK: So long since I have been there….13 whole years! The Lord showed how He will close the cycle of rejection and send me out afresh, What cycles need to be broken in your life? What season needs to come to an end? The King of kings is coming to loose you, and set you free. You shall have authority over the substance over the Lord’s things. Rejoice, for that season has come when His Forerunners shall occupy the places of authority in the Spirit which were reserved from eternity past. Your time has come…the chair has your name on it…it is reserved for such a time as this, to take the Body of Christ THROUGH THE TIME OF FAMINE, to a new place of prosperity until the Lord take us to His Land!

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