Portugal Fire! Updates

Dear All,

I will include a picture gallery tomorrow concerning our camp meetings. When you consider that Portugal is being prepared for an awakening the firstfruits is powerful evangelistic settings. I want to include here a quote from Kathie Walters’ book; Bright and Shining Revival, where the cover is shown above…page vi,

The wonderful visitation of God to the Hebrides islands, is not only one of the most stirring and faith building events of our generation, but also represents one of the greatest challenges to us now. Its scenes of divine power reveal the tremendous potential of a genuine move of God in our churches and communities. The pattern of events which led up to the visitation, amplified by the declarations of the Word of the Lord, makes it very evident that what has taken place in the Hebrides can be experienced anywhere else in the world. There is no town, city or village that is exempt from the covenant power of the covenant keeping God. Was the Hebrides a big city? NO! Was the group praying a large company of experienced prophetic intercessors? NO! Did they pray for years and years? NO! They prayed for five months.”

How poignant and fitting that passage is! For the most part we are following the guidelines made out in that book, not that the book in itself anointed of itself, no, but the person who put it together (Kathie Walters) has been instrumental in many many ways to fire up the believers here. And what a blessing it is too.

Last week as I went to minister at camp, near Penafiel in the North of Portugal, I was greeted by a distracted bunch of 140 kids. The Spirit came down and broke them all. There was inner healing, salvations, baptisms, you name it it happened. This week is much the same. But the warfare has been more intense. The boundaries of hell have been pushed back incredibly, but also our personal lives have come under two different focuses. One from God, being the spotlight of His Holiness. The other is the targeting of the missiles of the devil. Accounts electronically were blocked, car was off road. Slowly God is bringing forth the salvation power to our finances and our lives.

The newspapers here just show disgrace and crisis, they speak of an economic meltdown, and crisis amongst all families. But God has shown me a different picture indeed. That of paying off debts and living under the covenant of the Lord, serving Him and preaching in the churches up and down the nation, calling for prayer and a season of fasting according to Isaiah 58. The true fast is that which cuts bondages.

Last night in the home church, I conducted the meeting, prayer and intercession for revival. The presence and power of the Lord was so strong that two young people were converted, had had some involvement with witchcraft, but recognized the power of Christ. They were gloriously set free . Praise God! The Lord spoke that His Project and Dream for us is to make us like Jesus.

May the Lord reign over Portugal, and the nations. May the river flow out from the source, which is what Ezekiel 47 quotes being under the altar and threshold of that heavenly temple.

There is much affliction here, so if anyone cares to pray with us, in this outpouring please send your mail to radurose@aol.com and if you desire to SOW BY PAYPAL it is by the same address, although we’re not asking, we just make that option available. Because we live under the shadow of Jehovah-Jireh.





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