The financial breakthrough is two ways for the sower and receiver

The Lord has been teaching me a principle, in that, once God gives His Favour from heaven, starts to liberate massive breakthroughs, particularly in the financial area, the Lord wants us to understand something. He wants us to understand that He is releasing us, to have seed to sow, so that in our harvest, we sow for another’s harvest, so that it is always seedtime, and is always HARVEST. This is a prophetic picture of the end times, of the New Heaven and New Earth. Once we have received our personal covenant, when God releases us, He also releases revelation of those who He has prepared to receive your seed and when we sow to them, we also have a great return.

This has been our experience this week, because God wants us to be storehouses of His Grace and Provision. Try it sometime in your prayer before God, ask Him who and where are the people who you need to sow to. We do not invite you to sow to us, because the Holy Spirit is His job to do this. The Lord says the season has come for great releases.

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