The Prophetic Message

Russell Durose
Matthew 25
The Lord gave me a revival message for our meeting on Wednesday in the midst of camp meetings. My days are very racy in that I have domestic tasks to help Paula who is still in recuperation and rest. I am having to do 3 jobs all at once. Just to say if anyone wants to get hold of me at any time direct my mobile is linked to GMAIL on and I will answer straight away from there night or day.
The Lord has told me firmly that there is a time now where we need to be like the 5 wise virgins. We need to examine them in the Parable.
1. Virgins: They are reserved for one love, the Lord Jesus. But many have exchanged their virginity for other loves, and other passions. These will not be part of the end time move. They must be RESERVED And must PRESERVE THEMSELVES FOR THE LORD ONLY.
2. Their lamps: Their calling in God. They must light the path, and prepare the way for Jesus to come…the Light of the Word, Psalm 119, is what they must do in these days. Preaching and teaching in the same way as always must go, and REVELATION KNOWLEDGE FROM THE THRONE MUST COME FORTH, OR THEIR WILL BE NO LIGHT FOR THE PATH FOR THE LORD TO COME TO US IN OUR LIVES IN REVIVAL. Our call is to LIGHT THE LIGHT, WHICH IS NO OTHER THAN THE GLORY.
3. Their wait: We have been waiting 2000 years..hence the slumber which rests on the Church. It is the prophets who rouse us from the slumber. When we lose the vision that Jesus is COMING TO THE CHURCH, before He comes FOR the Church, we slumber.
4. The Cry: The cry at midnight comes forth that the Bridegroom was arriving…the prophetic voice must be heard in our day to rouse us from our slumber. The late hour is our hour.
5. Meeting place: The meeting place is in the Spirit. That is the dimension of His Coming. This last week we saw the glory of God come down in the form of a cloud. It rested on all the young people. It was amazing. There was great breaking. Great breaking. Repentance and deliverance. Revival is coming. When the prophetic cry rises up…we come into a place in the Spirit where we MEET HIM…there is nothing like it.
Believe me, these are days of glory, but days of war too. Please pray, a great battle for the souls of many is being contested by a move of lust over ministers, and people, bringing and pulling them into the world again, with all its sensuality. This takes the oil from our lamps, makes our light go out. Pray for us. There is a high price, a very high price for revival, but not many want to pay it. Pray and pray and pray…for us and with us.
Therefore we ask you to stand with us, we need partners for revival. We need warriors in this fight..who will fight in prayer and in giving too. We pray that you will write to us.
Russell A.Durose
Portugal Fire! Ministries
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