The Lakeland downturn

There are so many today rejoicing over the fact that Todd Bentley’s marriage is over, which is a gross representation of God’s character. The source for this news is the charisma editor Grady. I am still trying to find out if this is hearsay or truth. If it is true, then it is a blow for the Church. But for many will be a blow to their faith. For me, I believe is a vital turning point that God wants us to reach. I believe many follow personalities to sustain their faith. Not a correct way of life. Jesus is, and must be the centre. Lakeland, as a vital step in God’s plans, has had to return to its proper context, a LOCAL MOVE FOR A COUNTRY. Every country must seek for its own move of the Lord, its own revival. Today with loss of morality, loss of values, who is surprised at the news? I am not. I am surprised if believers are going to shipwreck and abandon their faith on mere behavioural matters of ministers. They must be examples yes, but they are not plumblines. The Holy Spirit is our PLUMBLINE. He must be our standard.


So what is God teaching us?

1. He is teaching us to be locally mentored. Day to day examples are more trustworthy. We must live a faith with our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground. Too much hype will lead to error, and a fall.

2. He is teaching us to seek Him for our local church: It is the local Church which will impact society. Let us not forget this. Big mass rallies have their EVANGELISTIC value, but day to day pastoring is the key.

3. Let us base our faith, on day to day simple living. Men tend to complicate faith, Mike Cleasby, my friend, is always reminding me.

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