Lakeland Update from Michelle.


Well everyone, my internship is finally finished.  We had our graduation yesterday afternoon.  I have to just say how amazing this time has been here in Lakeland Florida!  I have personally witnessed so many miraculous healings and have even gotten to be the person God used to do this with too! 
I have tried to type this update up so many times and every time I just sit here at the computer and wonder where to start…
These last 4 months here in Lakeland Florida have been life-changing for me and for the world., as many of you have seen on TV or the internet channels with GODTV.   I have seen blind eyes opened and deaf ears hearing and spines straightened and feet healed and so much more.  Miracles upon miracles as people shared with me their personal healings.  I prayed for the deaf, a man with both ears 90% deaf and he is now hearing.  I prayed for a young boy with autism and watched as all symptoms left him and he calmed down.  His parents were so happy.  I saw people coming into their destinies as God spoke into their lives and hearts using me.  So many miracles and signs and financial miracles happened that we have stacks upon stacks of testimonies here. I got to see so much of this move of God in such a short 4 month period.  I am still in awe and amazed that i got to be a part of this time in history in such a way.  I got to be in the glory at the outpouring almost every day!  WOW!  I learned so much about how God gives and loves to bless us in His name and His awesome anointings and being in the heavens.  I could go on and on and i do go on and on sometimes…hahaha! 
I also would like to touch alittle on what is happening with Todd and Shonnah Bentley.  Most of you have probably read the note on the Freshfire Ministries website about their special prayer request.  Todd is taking a break from the ministry for awhile to seek God and asks for your prayers at this time.  The website page is – . The couple has legally seperated for divorce in canada.   Please pray for them and for their family at this time.  And read the note on the home page of their website.  There will be alot of people trying to cut them down and stop this outpouring here in Lakeland.  I can personally verify to you of the move here is of God.   I saw the miracles and witnessed the healings and salvations and the lives changed because of what God did and is still doing here.  And God told me too.  So, again, please keep Todd and Shonnah Bentley in your prayers.  Thank you.
I, along with other interns will be flying back to Abbotsford, BC Canada on Saturday afternoon, August  16th.  I plan on staying in Abbotsford for a few days and also visiting with friends there and in Bellingham WA before starting the long trip back to Arizona.  I will also be stopping in  Redding, CA to visit with friends there on the way back.  So you in Arizona….I’ll see you soon!!!!  I have missed everyone alot as I have been away now for almost a year.
If any of you are on the way or close by, let me know and I will try to stop by.   I GOT ALL THIS IMPARTATION TO GIVE AWAY!!   I am feeling pretty intense and excited about what God has in mind for me next.  If you have a church or bible study or home group or even just yourself and you would like me to impart what I got to you, drop me an email!  We will definitely hook up!  I am also available for speaking to groups and churches and prophetic impartations too!  I am ON FIRE FOR  JESUS!   I can’t even think of anything else.  So call me or email me!  ok?  ok!  
For those of you who God has told you to support me, either by prayer or financially or both, please call or email me back here and i will get that started.  i Thank God for you and all you have done for me already and what God is doing in you now.  Be ready to be blessed!  As you give, Jesus says that He will return on your investment 100 fold back and bless you with what I have been given from Him in impartations and anointings.  Don’t you love the way God works!  You give, then He gives you more back.  How awesome is that?!!!
So this is the beginning of a new love song!  Are we ready to be all Jesus wants for us to have and to be with Him?  As for my near future plans, I hear Jesus telling me about going to Africa for a few weeks to see and serve Iris Ministries and Heidi Baker there.  Soo, i plan on working some and speaking  some and planning on that along with friends and preaching and teaching.. etc.  I will let you know more as that progresses. 
God Bless you all!  And thank you again for your prayers and support. 
Love you heaps,
In Christ,
Michelle Anne Thomsen

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