Life beyond Lakeland

I have been thinking on this theme today. It is important to broach this in the biggest mode of maturity. There has been much information for and against since the outpouring began in April. Well for me it was a particular blessing, because it stirred me to get off my proverbial butt and seek the Lord. This I did, and Portugal Fire! Ministries was born. I believe for many years I had involved myself in mainly international ministry, and had larglely treated Portugal as a place where I lived, as a father, husband and minister in the Local Church. But as I sought the Lord intensely the Lord caused me to love again Portugal. Lakeland and the Outpouring served to stir me up. The Lord caused us to seek more intensely, and we saw major outpourings of the Lord. For the last few weeks God has been ministering to me personally and my family. It has been very much needed.


Image060 We spent time together because family in its right place is a blessing. We journeyed to Macedo de Cavaleiros. The weather forecast was for rain. Look here in the photo, sun and hot weather the whole time we were there. I am blessed to have those who prayed for us in this season, our minister friends in New Zealand, Good News Ministries, our supporters who invested in our ministry. In this time who enabled us to pioneer dimensions of ministry.

We kept during the last season in contact closely with Lakeland, via internet, GodTV, and we saw the dangers, but above all we saw the Hand of God. Revivals are never perfect. The Lord showed me several months ago that Lakeland would not have all the major exposure. I was criticized at the time, many unsubscribed from my lists. They defended Lakeland with their nails and teeth. Yet now it is obvious if the Ignited Church and its pastor, Stephen Strader, who I have corresponded will continue seeking, they will see EVEN GREATER THINGS. The move is local now, the emphasis being changed.

According to what I understand from major sources, Todd Bentley will not be returning to Lakeland for the foreseeable future. He may even make himself absent from ministry for a while. The Lord will restore him according to his own faithfulness to Him. But life will go on beyond the international exposure of Lakeland! It will be greater.

Ian Johnson of New Zealand said, that the move would touch their land, but their land would generate its own move…I agree with this entirely, because it is biblical. Many say you can transfer it, but I believe what you transfer is not the revival itself, but the expectation, the spirit of prayer. Kathie Walters is also seeing great moves of God through the nations. We hope that she makes it here. Because this in itself will be a reviving. God is raising up an army and a Body that in its multiform way it will move accross the world with a new effectiveness.

So what are we to expect that Lakeland has finished in the way it was? We are to expect greater things.

  1. #1 by patrick enega on December 23, 2008 - 1:09 pm

    Hi Russel,
    I am quite pleased with what the LORD is doing with you in Portugal.

    I really believe that NOW is the time for the fire to fall. I am seeking the Lord for “the Great Outpouring upon England.
    I am in England. Hope to hear from you.


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