Word about Lakeland

Wait before you think I am going to speak against Lakeland. I am not!
I am going to relay what I believe God just told me. God has spoken clearly that He caused Todd Bentley withdraw from the scene, as an act of mercy on him. Because the revival, the miracles are His, and all the criticism, all the pressure has been borne by the Lord. When men and women would look at Lakeland critically, they would attack the vessel that God used. Now for His Love for that vessel He has used a major happening to cause him to withdraw and get healed and restored. But it is for the good of the whole Body. The Body must stop looking to men, and look to God only, because this way will we come close to Him.
Lakeland will experience great refreshing, the time is to look to the Lord. When the people murmur, would the glory burn, on the tent of meeting. So now, let murmuring stop, because His Glory burns right now. He comes to test your heart…do not judge, for you will be judged, because LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS. Let the prophets of criticism cease in their sharp words. Because today is a day when there shall be sobriety, and weeping, for the Lord is still a burning fire. For the Lord is coming in Holiness. The Lord is not mocked, but His Eyes go forth to and fro throughout the whole earth.
The Lord will come as a refiner of silver, who can stand His coming? He will purify FIRST HIS LEVITES. For the Lord shall come and build up again the fallen tent of David.
Let us look firmly to Jesus, author and finisher of our faith.

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