Updates from the last week

Dear All,

I am back home for the first day of a normal day. I love the 1st of September (Smile) because it means I get back to work. It means we eat normally, instead of those nice black pork beefs, with chestnuts… (Open-mouthed) which do so badly for one’s health.

Well last week saw us in Macedo de Cavaleiros. It is situated 60 Km from the Spanish border, north west Portugal. In the corner. I found myself in hospital last Wednesday, due to a lack of correct heart rhythm. The doctors were kind and got the situation under control. We had a good rest there. A very good rest. We came back and we have been on a 21 day fast for revival and expansion. The Lord is giving us this month to concentrate on the family. Now a wonderful woman of God sent me an email about my healing…hallelujah…

Anyway, from next Sunday the work expands, with European Brazilian AOG giving us a widespread recognition. We need prayer to bathe that meeting in prayer and protection. Portugal Fire! Ministries has been a great blessing to us, because God is confirming this as His Vision. We desire to be His Vessels of Honour, honour to Him.

I shall be conducting special meetings from this week concerning the family. Please pray concerning this.

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