Updates today

ear All,
I would like to extend a wish of thanks for the ministries which have encouraged us over the last 3 months with prophecies, with prayer support, and financial gifts. This has come to us as a warm fragrance from the Lord. I have seen the Lord bless with a open heaven PORTUGAL FIRE! Ministries, and we have seen major outpourings at our Church, where we serve, and we have seen God bless us wonderfully beyond measure.
We are looking to extend our ministry beyond boundaries, of denomination and creed. Here in Portugal it is very difficult to be a ministry organisation without being allied to a local Church. We are accountable to the leadership locally, of Pastor Carmélio, and internationally I am allied to NEW SIGHT INTERNATIONAL, led by Apostle Paul Humberstone. This is very important to understand, because many ministers or so called astute people use ministry to gain influence or finance. But this is not our case. We therefore, are aiming to complete two translations of two books of KATHIE WALTERS, “Living in the Supernatural” and “Bright and Shining Revival”, which should be completed, then gone off to be revised and corrected into the local vernacular.
Our time with Quinta da Paz, and Jan Ennis, in the summer, helping with prophetic ministry, support in the background, my wife with intercession was a factor, as well as Jan’s own evangelistic ministry, to see many hundreds of young people in 4 camps be saved, transformed. Many still talk about those camps. We ask you to pray for Jan, a Christian businessman, a mighty man of God, and my personal friend. Please pray because Quinta da Paz is also a place where pastors regularly pray. Pastor Paulo Mendes of CIBI has started a circuit of continual prayer in leiu of a prayer centre that will be constructed there. I have included on my site pictures of the Quinta, and anyone wanting pictures will be welcome to ask me.
I am very priveleged also to serve with Pastor Carmélio locally, a man who is rare in this nation, who encourages new ministries, to grow and to flow. He is not threatened like some of the pastors here. I ask you to pray for him too. We have been serving with him just 3 years, but my what a blessing he is.
We are aiming to prepare a training resource:
1. Training manuals
2. Training Centre, which we are looking at now in Valongo area, for training new ministers, maybe an office for Portugal Fire! Ministries, as having my bedroom full of computer equipment in a SMALL HOUSE is getting too much.
3. Translation of major revival works and booklets for distribution here in Portugal.
4. Revival conferences and seminars. We are preparing some works now for different places.
5. Website design: with Microsoft Live Small Business.
So please join with us in prayer, ask the Lord to release what we need, which He will, because He is Yahweh-Yireh, and that we all grow together in unity and team.

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