Major Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you all in Jesus Name!

It is with great joy to write from Portugal Fire! Ministries today. First of all, the Lord had already told me back in June that the biggest advances of our ministry would be had in September. I did not know the details, but now I see the leading of the Lord. Since I consolidated the ministry way back in March, the Lord said to me that some doors were closing, and some “new and effective doors” would be opening for us. Those doors that were to close, were in the realm of relationships, where God was causing us to say goodbye to some. For those who do not understand the wisdom of transitions, can sometimes provoke divisions in the Body. This is what we wanted to avoid. 

Back in 1997, I received a prophecy from prophetess Sharon Stone from CI International, that I was to open a school. That this school was not an ordinary school. It was a school of ministry. It has been over 10 years since that prophecy. Never came about, but I knew that this was in my blood. So I was to wait on the wisdom of the Lord. The Lord has just put an opportunity in my hand of great urgency. The ministry which we are part Chama Viva Assembleias de Deus has just founded 3 more churches, and their workers, pastors and ministers are needing by legality of the Evangelical Alliance of Portugal, and the European Assembly of God Council of Ministers, has agreed to ordain and recognize ministers we send to them for accreditation, paperwork, and worldwide recognition. This will happen next Monday, 15th September. There I also will be received as an apostle, prophet and pastor. There I shall be prayed for, and given new legal documentation, along with Portugal Fire! Ministries, which is the banner I am working here in the nation. This means that urgently our ministers need a degree course, and a School, which has been given to my own leadership in this ministry to develop, using recognized materials from Brazil, an accredited course in theology, which results in a full diploma. Please pray for me, as I have been fully received into an apostolic capacity, in that, I shall be spending time training leaders. Hence, the prophecy of Sharon Stone is coming to pass. 

I ask you to bathe these advances in prayer. I ask that you pray along with us. As we shall be financed, in part through this, but to launch this properly we need at least 2000 euros. This is for securing materials, diplomas, and all what is necessary to urgently start in October to fulfil legal obligations before Assemblies of God, and Portuguese government. Our own church does not have the resources to fund this, so we have taken on the challenge to pray it in. 

Yesterday we sent out new pastors to 2 new works, and more 3 churches are being formed also. This means that in one year we are seeing major advances. This means that God is preparing the ground for a mighty revival!

All good news. And we ask you to stand with us. We bless you in Jesus Name, and Shalom.

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