Training, pastoring, equipping and giving

I am writing this, because it is important for those who are praying for us. We are entering into a new season. In this season, as we speak, we are mounting a new Theological and Ministry School, to meet with legal requirements in the requisites for ordination. But ordinary Bible Schools, just train, but do not pastor. We aim to plug this need. But many missionaries are put out into the field without conditions. We aim to see that these basic areas are covered. We aim to set up distributions of computers. Let me outline what we aim to do from October.

1. We aim to have started a 3 year Batchelor’s Degree course in Theology and Ministry.

2. Pastoring Leader’s course to be started, to undergird ministry, ministers, projects, seminars and conferences.

3. Information Technology Strategy Initiatives. How your ministry can benefit from Technology.

4. Computer donation. We aim to pass on laptops 100euros a piece.


Please pray for these initiatives. This is what the Lord is giving us.

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