The Descent and Ascent of Christ

This is the concise post of what I am going to minister tonight. The passage is Ephesians 4:8-15. We are dealing here with the FOUNDATIONS of the Church . It is here where things are either solid or are not. Many ministries suffer the curse, tradition, religiosity because they are not acquainted with right foundations. Here Paul deals with those foundations. These are the foundations. Christ Himself. He is the foundations.

1. The Descent is the humility and revelation of the Word, freeing us from bondage. 

The Lord, when He died, either figuratively or literally, noone knows, went into the depths. This was for our deliverance from the bonds of death, so that we may recognize Him as the SOURCE OF OUR LIFE. Once we depart from this fact, we stray away from our sanctification. The bondages have to be taken away, or even, the process has to be initiated and put in practice. This is the foundation for one so called of God, to be in process of the sanctification. Jesus died to take away the dominion of death and hell. Revelation 1 shows us the Glorified, post-Ascension Christ with two keys, those of death and hell, and the Key of David (Isaiah 22:22). This shows us clearly that in death, how much Jesus broke the bonds of Satan. So we too, in our seasons of “descent” should embrace however unpleasant it may be. But it is a necessary work; because without the descent there can be no ascent! We must today embrace and recognize how God moves in and through us. 

There have been many seasons in the last few years where I have walked in the apostolic and prophetic camps, or streams. I am going to be writing a book, and am writing it, to be published concerning the 5 streams of the fivefold. In this, I recognize the principles of submission to governments given in the Body, also listening and covering those bodies, with prayer, so that the corporate blessing, of oil, of Aaron. But there are situations where the descending precedes the ascending because that is the Kingdom order. 

Phillippians 2 shows us very clear the ways that Jesus descended. Jesus:

1) Emptied Himself

2) Submitted Himself to the Father: Hebrews 5:8

3) Was made a little lower than the angels: Hebrews 2

4) Submitted Himself to the Cross of death and hell. 

As we see in every place that Jesus submitted himself so we see Him being exalted by the Father. He was given a Name above every Name…He is given authority, He is given Power and Dominion: Daniel 7. The passage mentions what happened when Jesus was transported into the heavenly realms. He is PRESENTED before the Ancient of Days, and is Given all the things mentioned.As Jesus experienced the humiliation (descending) He is given authority in every dimension of the humiliation (Ascending). 

James 4:7 tells us to submit under the mighty Hand of God…that word MIGHTY in the Greek is kratos. In other words if we want the ultimate authority of the Lord we must allow that same authority make us descend. In the descending we are receiving His Word, as Jesus when He descended “preached unto the captives.”

In every aspect and season of my life, I have been in tests, that when I have been humiliated in them, God lifted me up, and put me in authority over those things. Inasmuch we submit unto the Lord dictates the measure of authority we are given. 

2. The Ascending is Leading Captivity Captive and bringing 5 Expressions of Christ within the Being of the Church

Many study these verses of 11-15, rejoicing in that which Jesus rained down on us. We must know it is God that brings the season of the ascent into our beings. When we take possession of what Christ preaches to us in the descent, in the ascent we move into that which Christ gives unto us. There is a dominion to be experienced, because the lower we go, the higher we climb. The opposite is true. The higher we climb, the greater risk is our fall. So we cannot take it for granted, nor can we be light of the fact that the devil can appear at any moment and try to scupper what God is doing. I am writing a book at the moment, trying to, amidst the agitation in the Spirit. That is, the many responsibilities given to me. I have to prioritize time so that I can receive of the New Wine that Christ is bringing us from the water of His Word. (John 2). 

So, the Lord presents to us, 5 separate dimensions of authority and expression: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching. 

We must never separate these dimensions from the Person of Christ, because, they are EXPRESSIONS OF HIS BEING. Therefore, as we flow in Him, in any one of these dimensions we see a wonderful expression of who He is. 

In the apostolic we see a Jesus of order, of design, of destiny. He is breathing through us an ornate testimony, tapestry. In this, we move as the wheels within the wheels of the Spirit (Ezekiel 1), where the voice of God is, so the Wheels move. The apostolic learns to understand the ways God operates…life being the eternal discovery. In the apostolic, foundational ways, principles and statutes must form the base of all that we are, all that we move, in Him. (Mentality)

In the prophetic we see the Voice of God arrest the human soul, breathing into it the fear of the Lord, one of the 7 fold Spirit attributes ( Isaiah 11), which brings us to understand God’s own Voice and Mind. What is in His Mind for us, He speaks to us, speaks through us, and upon us. In this way we see God arresting our spirit in His Prophetic Word, makes us stand still so that we can understand and comprehend what He desires of us. When we fully digest and move within that which He speaks so He can speak through us. 

In the evangelistic  we see the arms of God reaching out, with Love to that which is outside of His Light, bringing it in, and reconciling Himself. This is done on every level, spiritual, physical and mental. So it is important that the evangelistic is accompanied by signs and wonders for the Love of God to be fully expressed and represented. 

In the pastoral we see the gathering together of the saints. We see that it is important that the healing, the anointing is corporately flowing. The office of the Pastor is this. Much tradition has surrounded the pastor, and now the ministry of the pastor has been devalued. Cannot be valued more than now. Jesus as the true Shepherd must shine through afresh, through this ministry. 

In the teaching dimension, we grasp and comprehend the spiritual truths, which often the enemy uses our ignorance to attack and to bring us into spiritual poverty. The anointed teaching brings us into great equipping. Jesus taught, and many stayed hours and hours hearing Him, because He brought light into their lives. How many lives are in the grip of satan through ignorance? 

I have given a brief description here. But in the ascension of Christ,and our own reception of His Fivefold Expression through us and to us, we come into maturity in every level. I do hope that you were able to grasp the various things about Jesus’ descent and ascent, given in that order.

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