Portugal Fire! Ministries Updates

Dear all,
Just to bring you up to date with what is currently happening.


There has been a great transition this year. We learned that all
ministry must have an accountability structure. This year we joined up
with Apostle Paul Humberstone of New Sight International, who in turn
is under the auspices of the WORLD BREAKTHROUGH NETWORK of Noel
Woodroffe. He is providing accountability for our international
For our local ministry, I was officially recognized and received by
CEMELP, an extension of the Brazil AOG.  This all to say that for the
first time we have a aligned covered ministry, accountable and
covered. This means that we can  take territories and have authority
to work. We have noted a greater impulse and anointing.

We opened a church in the midst of an area of drugs and prostitution,
and witchcraft. We have 15 new converts. Pastor Márcio Melo is
responsible for that work.
Our new Bible School will open from October to prepare our pastors and
evangelists for the ministry. Please pray for me, as i will be the
president of the Bible School.

Portugal Fire! Ministries is moving toward organizing events of
bringing ministers of revival to Portugal and particularly to the
north  in conjunction with a pastor in Lisbon. We ask you to pray, so
that revival fires will spread over the country. It is not easy as
there are giants in the land, yet, we have the promise of the Lord.
Pray for our financial needs too. Pray also for my health, as I have
had some heart problems.

Until next time.

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