The Word for the current financial upheaval



Russell A. Durose

Dear All,

If you receive this mail is because the Holy Spirit told me to send to you. I come with some valuable truths which were birthed in me, talking to one of our covenant partners this morning. The first thing we need to do today, is rebuke a fear and insecurity which has gripped everyone, financially speaking. When we come this morning. Let us come in unity. Let us join our faith, in the Blood Covenant. My covenant partner who I spoke to by telephone this morning, I got to interceding, and the Lord showed me that we are going to have to renew our understanding of the Covenant. When all around us is falling about our ears, the Lord preserves and reserves His Own. I think we are all needing the response of the Lord this morning.

The Lord shows us Genesis 26. Here is a time of famine. Compare with today. Banks are going into bankrupcy, businesses are going broke, mass unemployment. The Lord is showing us that this is an opportunity for the power of God to manifest. I cannot stress enough how it is necessary to expel fear. It is the ruling spirit that is governing things now, injections of capital, which is rendered worthless by the financial crisis. We must know that we do not belong to the WORLD SYSTEM. We belong to the Kingdom of God. If we are serving Him, even if we suffer the tightness God will multiply our seed in the sowing. What I want you to notice, is not the fact of the sowing, no, it is the ATTITUDE IN THE SOWING.

The attitude goes against the tide. What is the tide and trend here in Genesis 26? It is famine. Here everyone is keeping their sowing to themselves. Noone in their right mind goes out to sow in famine, because in famine there is NO RAIN. The cycle of rain, seedtime and harvest has been interrupted. Once interrupted, is very difficult to get started again.

I believe that Isaac, as God showed me this morning, believe MORE IN THE COVENANT, THAN WHAT HIS OWN SENSES SHOWED HIM. The covenant was of BLESSING. We have indeed the same covenant. Galatians 3 plainly shows us this. It flows down from ABRAHAM to us through Christ. Therefore, the weight, the power of that covenant is just the same as it was when Isaac went out sowing. But I want to show you a FURTHER MIRACLE. When Isaac sowed, against the trend, who watered and made it grow? God Himself. Now, it depends where we sow. If we go in obedience with the same attitude we will reap a great harvest, and whilst many may think this is about finance, not just this either. It is an attitude in the sowing of time, clothes, food.

I am saying this because prophetically speaking, we are headed for difficult times ahead. But God is coming to call us into a greater understanding of the covenant. In this, we are going to have to establish a sowing and harvest time cycle of resources. This is for the Church. Whilst the world is trying to steady a sinking ship, the Church shall stand strong and be a testimony to the whole world. 

Therefore, in the sowing, the reaping was not just double, but 100 times over…therefore, what God waters God multiplies.

I therefore pray:

"Lord, I pray for all the recipients of this mail. I declare in the Name of Jesus, on the authority of the Word, by the Covenant of Shed Blood, that you will PROTECT all from FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION, AND FROM DESTRUCTION IN THEIR WORK, THEIR BUSINESSES, MINISTRIES, THEIR CHURCHES, AND HOMES. I declare that the Blessing and Covenant of Abraham, that comes through Christ shall be applied to each one. I declare now by the Name of Jesus, a generation of Joseph, who will prosper and help others in the famine, with the plenty that you water in their lives. In Jesus Name I ask. I declare that each one here shall be cut away from the authority of the world system, mammon, its designs and destinies, because our destiny is in the Lord. In Jesus Name we ask. Amen!

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