The Bible University started in Rio Tinto last Monday. It is being a wonderful experience. It is within the parameters of training in ministers. The Biblical foundation in Theology, which is not only academic, it has be balanced between subjectivity and objectivity. The Lord must help us.

I ask for prayer. I ask the following from the brethren,

1. Financial provision…we have to give the University at a symbolic rate, because of the economic crisis. We ask that God opens the Heavens, and pours down His Favour.

2. The level of open doors that have indeed accompanied PORTUGAL FIRE! MINISTRIES is phenomenal, but there are other health and family situations which are very very delicate and complicated, where the WISDOM OF GOD IS NEEDED. The Lord has protected my own family, but the wife’s family has health challenges, and ministerial situations elsewhere.

3. We praise God for the support of our ministry in prayer, daily communication with team leaders of Portugal Fire! who are Pastor Ian Johnson of New Zealand, of His Amazing Glory Ministries. Pastor Mike Cleasby of Vital Spark Ministries of the United Kingdom. And the companionship of Cheryl Topp, a prophetess of the Lord. We bless her in Jesus Name!

4. We ask that God raise an army of intercessors.

Whoever wants to contact me direct write email: ephesians4resources@gmail.com

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