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Portugal Fire! Updates
Russell A.Durose

Dear Brethren,
I am writing after a week hit hard by the flu, which is obviously been around the Church too. I am writing because of news we have for you, and wish that those who have their own email lists, and who regularly support and communicate would pass around too. 

I praise God for those who prayed for my health whilst I was laid up in bed this week. 

1. Pastor’s Aid
We were able to pass on food stuff, and two financial gifts this week. We hope that more brethren will hear the call to contribute to this fund for us to pass on the necessary. The mortgage and financial crisis has arrived here. This means all has grown into a giant inflation balloon in terms of pricing. We have Christians losing their jobs. We have pastors going hungry. Now many think it strange how we are taking this financial and provisions initiative. We feel as a ministry to the nation, to the nations, we must practically reach out with compassion and love. For this reason we ask you to pray about giving. 

2. Chama Viva churches we help in the pastoral sphere
Tonight (Saturday 25th October) we inaugurated a new congregation in Marquês de Pombal, Porto. Evangelist Elias, will be the man in front of the work, a new work. The church was full of seeking souls, as we heard about the wells of Isaac from a newly arrived Brazilian pastor. The work is growing by the week, we heard from the pastor of S.Pedro da Cova, Pastor Márcio Melo, that a soul got saved, radically tonight. The place is very difficult there spiritually, but continuous fasting and prayer has brought some major breakthroughs. I have been preaching many times in the last few weeks, and the engagements keep coming in. 

3. Bible University of Theology
We started about 2 weeks ago the new University, and God is granting a MAJOR REVELATION ANOINTING. It is amazing, that God is opening up to us a new faculty in the Spirit. This way THEOLOGY IS NO LONGER JUST A SCIENCE, but a way of life in the manifestation of God in revival in ministry. The course is accreditted in Brazil and accepted here as a credible qualification for all ministers. I am charging a symbolic charge for expenses for each student, who are pastors, evangelists, leaders. But the expenses are not small, and Portugal Fire! has to sustain the rest. We are needing around 300euros a month to keep this going. Pray that God sends this finance. This course is preparing ministers in the Word, in their ministry, and in the anointing. Please pray for me as Director of this work. We have around 30 students to speak. We are getting many more enquirers of those who are interested in doing the Degree Course. 

4. Family situations. 
We had some very difficult health situations to resolve recently. My wife lost her voice, and has had over a month of convalescence because of a great infection. Please pray for Paula. Her mother had a cancer, and recent tests showed mighty miraculous healing. Praise God!

Please keep praying for us, we really need more than anything a network of intercessors, not just for us, but for Portugal, that God pours out His Spirit. Amen? Shalom and Maranatha!

Russell Durose: Portugal Fire! Ministries
Paypal: radurose@aol.com

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