What is God doing today?

There is a great consternation in Church circles, as the shortage of sensible prophetic information is stemming into the whole Church structure in the West. The whole congregations are asking what is happening to the world, the whole instability, impending wars, unresolved wars, bankrupt nations. 

These are the symptoms of a greater ill. A small group of people know where this is going. They are actually provoking it. There is a group of politicians and wealthy people with a one world government and one world economic model, which is being brought in. But the moulds of the new financial-political state is being brought in unawares through the provocation of crises. 

What is God doing?

1. God is raising up a new leadership generation. It is the passing of the baton, from Moses to Joshua, from Saul to David, from David to Saul. This new leadership has to be more radical in every aspect. 

2. He is calling a new generation to holiness and adoration. 

3. He is bringing a new type of business people, of faith and Joseph anointing. These create an alternative economy. 

4. He is preparing us from persecution. 

5. He is preparing to reveal Himself to Israel. 

All these things are set to happen against the backdrop of world turmoil. Therefore, let us wait and watch.

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