Kingdom Economy Resources from Our Ministry

I am currently writing a book and teaching manual for bringing forth principles and clear ones concerning the Kingdom Economy, establishing the pillars of the alternative economy which must undergird ministry, and Kingdom Business. We all depend on the world model of economy, which is now being undermined with the permission of God, because of greed and injustice.

A ministry which DEPENDS on the world economy will go bankrupt. God wants us to be delivered from our “dependence” on the world system, governed by Mammon, which is going to be judged by God.

You cannot be delivered from this system whilst your ministry or business is dependent on it. So to be freed you need to have revelation, from the world on how God sees resources. The Lord has moved on me to prepare a resource to combat, deliver us from depending on the finances and walk into the supernatural realm. This realm commands the storms, the rivers, the fires to serve the Kingdom. If you cannot walk through the sea, God will cause you to walk over it.

In the book, foundations of Kingdom resourcing will be put forth, not just as theory and Biblical study, but a challenge to begin to walk this out.

You can preorder your copy by writing to me on

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