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Updates which are current

Dear All, It has been some time since I have written. I did not abandon this blog. No, but certain circumstances with family and health have prevented me from writing. I am asking for your prayers. Things are never easy, and the challenge to keep seeking and being, what God called us to be is […]

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Worrying Trend

The worrying trend for which I speak is the ignorance and lack of personal thought processes within what one believes in the Word, investigating one’s own perspective in the Word, and dialoging with authority in local Church settings. I have found people blindly following leaders and falling all into error. It is time to make […]

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Current Updates 15th November 2008

PORTUGAL FIRE UPDATES RUSSELL A DUROSE ephesians4resources@gmail.comĀ  Dear Groups and brothers and sisters, It has been a little while since I have written, but normal pressures have caused me to have a tiredness that is near exhaustion, and I am having to be very very careful. The enemy can keep us too busy. With all […]

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New Windows Live Hotmail

They have just rolled out the new interface. I have to admit I like it better. I use it on my Microsoft Live Business server, but it is wonderful, easier to use, and lighter.

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University spiritual visitation

Dear All, I was very very exhausted when I got to classes tonight. I called on a number to pray for me deeply. I needed the strength. It seems that the spiritual momentum is flowing again, the Lord bringing us a new urgency in the Spirit, through the teaching. The Lord is giving me clarity […]

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