University spiritual visitation

Dear All,
I was very very exhausted when I got to classes tonight. I called on a number to pray for me deeply. I needed the strength. It seems that the spiritual momentum is flowing again, the Lord bringing us a new urgency in the Spirit, through the teaching. The Lord is giving me clarity into things in His Word. But today was something else. Monday, the Lord wanted to speak, but He was cut short by anxiety to get home by the pastors. But today I exhorted them not to be insensitive to the Holy Spirit when He comes. 
Come He did. He began to show us why Jesus is held in heaven, why we are here, to see the devil placed beneath Jesus’ feet through the Church. It was tremendous indeed. The outpouring of anointing was massive. 
The Lord spoke to me about this school 10 years ago. And the visitation that would come all over the European continent. 
I ask you to keep praying for me. I need the anointing to break the yoke of poverty over the Church here, over me personally in the area of physical tiredness. 
I sense doors are about to open, churches, but also the door of heaven itself. Shalom and Marantha!
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