Current Updates 15th November 2008


Dear Groups and brothers and sisters,
It has been a little while since I have written, but normal pressures have caused me to have a tiredness that is near exhaustion, and I am having to be very very careful. The enemy can keep us too busy. With all economic pressures, one can get so taken up with the curse of activity that the art of contemplation becomes a remote existence to us. Activity can sometimes be the enemy of spiritual life. 
I am just coming back from our new University, launched by our ministry. The lessons have been awesome to say the least. The thirst for the Word here in Portugal is just amazing. The little we know is also just as amazing. We are forever learning indeed. But the fight is enormous. The students are all potential ministers, pastors of Churches. The Lord knows  that He is going to pour out a revival over the world, but it shall come from a mature knowledge of the Word, a seeking heart, and flowing in the Will of God. 
Tonight we dealt with the Fatherhood of God. It was amazing. The Lord showed us a glimpse of this, our own position, the fact of obedience, many many concepts all forgotten or even in ignorance in many believers. The Lord must bring us all into a fuller REVELATION OF HIM…
I believe that these revelations are doors open in the HEAVENS: REVELATION 4. God opened the door for John when he had discharged his earthly ministry, being obedient to the end. When we fulfil the first part of our ministry, we can move into the heavenly places, where God is. We have too much preaching from the Outer Court, when we need to move into the realm of INTERCESSION FIRST, releasing our fragrances of our sacrifices of intercession, then approaching the Word table to partake of its rich bread. Not fermented with the leaven of HUMAN INTERPRETATION, OR HUMAN HIDDEN AGENDAS. There is too much of the Word mixed with human agendas, and desires. But the Lord desires in the Spirit to take us up into the heavenly places, so that we may not be ignorant. There is too much ignorance in the pulpit. There is too much sensationalism and manipulation of the people. We have seen it in the last few days. I tell you. 
The Lord has showed me this school to go over Europe. We have birthed in prayer tonight a new school with ministers to minister to awaken the full flow of the gifts of the Spirit, to learn how to bring revelation, not learning through earthly protocols, but heavenly ones. There are many many schools existent, but the one God has put on my shoulders, a responsibility so big, I cannot walk it naturally. The warfare has moved into apostolic echelons, in that I am being discreditted in ways that only demons can do. I have sensed a resistence to preparation, to meditation, with family, with phone calls, with strifes, with many many avenues of demonic weights coming around me, to distract me and to bring me into the flesh, by doing what God has not called me to, yet, I am resistent. Last week, my own status in ministry was called into question, only to find God coming in with mighty vindications indeed. 
I am not going to paint a negative picture, because it cannot be, but with a heavenly joy, of laughter, I walk on. The Lord, Yahweh, is on His Throne. 
Some Forecasts Prophetically
A move is being made by governments to bring in a one world economy. We are on the threshold of the beast system. The Lord shows me that we must implant a Faith/Kingdom economy. The Lord shows me a preemptive strike by Israel against Iran. The Lord shows me attacks of terrorists in Paris, in Berlin, London, and in America, one city which is a strategic place. 
The Lord tells me we have little time left. So it is time to stop playing ministry and Church, and come into a corporate configuration of team ministry, team business, and team social action. 
Deception at the Gates
The Lord shows me that some principal leaders, and theologians are going to fall from faith. Watch for scandals in the next 5 months. 
I leave you this message, because it is what God moved me to write to you. I sense a great Presence of the Shekinah. We must pray for the peace and unity of Jerusalem, the guarding of the remnant till the end. Many of you will have great and hidden divine appointments, which must not be spoken. I see a vision of an elite group being called, to move into places which are totally secret, with specific divine assignments which will affect eternity. 
I say these words with the anointing heavy, they are significant indeed: SHALOM, MARANATHA!

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    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

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