December Update

The WordPress update is remarkable. I have not posted here for a little time. We are living some difficult days here, with freezing cold weather and snow which has not been seen for years. 

It is not being easy in this country of Portugal due to the economic crisis which has hit amost every country of the world. My wife who is a teacher has had her salary frozen, with progression also frozen. There is widespread discontent and strikes which brought out 120,000 teachers out on strike. 

The Church is also feeling the pinch with the fall in tithes and offerings. We have set up our STOREHOUSE FUND which we will help Portuguese pastors and their families. But we still need partners to stand with us. Our funds are very low. We are living by the “ravens” of God by the Brook of God. This I may expand on later. 

Please send your comments and pray for us.

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