Portugal Fire! Ministries End of year Updates

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Sunset, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK

Dear Brethren,

This email is to capitulate the year 2008 and exhort you concerning the year 2009. The Lord enormously blessed

us this year with great strides both in the local and the international scene.

I have been involved in ministry for more than 20 years, and 2008 has been the best year yet. But this is not just

about us, rather we desire that you also share in what we have experienced too. The blessing is not individual but

also corporate.


The Lord had me refocus, in the right direction. I had been involved in full time ministry, and in international

apostolic spheres, for the last 5 years. Portugal had not opened up that much, not in my focus, nor my spirit. Most

of the network done was done outside. Seemed contradictory. But the Lord showed me a vision of the nation of

Portugal on fire, and how God wanted us to focus first on our "Jerusalem." A firm contact with Pastor Ian

Johnson of New Zealand sealed things spiritually, confirming a vision, dreams that he had had there so far away.

We are constantly in contact with His Amazing Glory Ministries, who have blessed us considerably. Also Kathie Walters

has been a constant blessing to our ministry, since we changed focus. This is what God is closely examining in

ministries, that our focus is wrong. When our vision comes into focus, and we move into it, the former doors that

were closed are opened afresh. There is a sense of well being. We need to know for sure, what is our JERUSALEM,

because our Jerusalem is the MISSIONS ORDER. The vision, the outpouring is got there. The needed transitions

are walked through there.


There have been networks that God led us out of which on the face of it, was difficult and painful, but because of

God’s positioning in the HORIZONTAL CORPORATE sense, we needed to make right steps. One of those was to tie up a

working relationship with Cindy Allen and Global Network of Disciples, which for us has been a school of how

to walk through transition, as for us 2008 was a transition year. It was transitioning from desert to promised land, and

we feel that the koinonia afforded with GND has been key to this year.

Also our connection with Apostle Ricci Hausley of Elijah’s Nest Ministries has also one which has taught us that God

has different orders in the apostolic, and the need to be accountable with ministers who have climbed up the ladder

of humility. I have seen through being connected with this ministry, multitudes of doors open. I can only say that corporate

accountability to those who have integrity has given us greater knowledge of the need for humility and a

circumcision of heart.

Also our connection with Mike and Liz Cleasby showed us great blessing in the area of vision, the vision of revival, which we all

share, but we recognize that even those of similar vision have to flow together without conflicting in expectation. You can

see their site www.vitalsparkministries.com . They are a great blessing.


The Lord brought me back in March to cry for the nation, to seek His Face for Portugal. The fact is Portugal has never had

a revival. The Lord led me down a path of seeking which brought great fruits this year. The first was promotion to a greater

role of leadership locally. The Lord sent me and opened up many preaching and prophesying doors. The Lord also

arranged a recognition meeting for us in September. The Lord showed us, the way up is really the way down, to go up we

must go down. Therefore, we had to get right our focus again. So if 2008 can be remembered it should be a

NEW CORPORATE FOCUS, upon all ministries. We saw ministries lose, close because they rejected the readjustment

of focus, which requires humility to do. A new University was founded in September which has now gone into the first 3

months, with 2 new courses being planned now, one a Batchelor’s Degree in Theology, and a course called THE SCHOOL

OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Lord has confirmed what was a vision I had in 1993, confirmed by Prophetess Sharon Stone

of Christian International of Bill Hamon.

The Lord connected us up with men of God of similar vision. One such adventure from our Church was a Pilgrimage to Fátima

against idolatry by two leaders of our church, we joined up with them after they had walked almost 200 kms, and did

spiritual warfare there to take back territory. Who does not know, Fátima represents the centre of all idolatry in Portugal.

From this single event, what was a circuit of 3 churches, within 6 months grew to 7. Amazing!


The Lord used us tremendously in the power meetings, and in the summer extensive prayer and fasting periods. This brought

us amazing growth in the Spirit, and in Biblical Understanding of Revival. One feature was the Book compiled by Kathie

Walters " Bright and Shining Revival" which fired up many many people, and ministers which we distributed freely as Kathie

sent us. We are in the process now of the final Portuguese version of this same publication. The effects of ministering

what God sends us to do, preparing for revival, and prayer was amazing, for which we are grateful to God for the

ministry of Kathie Walters. Many of you may wonder why we are mentioning all these names, but we need to mention them

because they were gifts that God sent to us this year.


The Lord caused us to meet very many precious people on the way, in the summer, like Prophetess Cheryl Topp who has a ministry

to the nations, blessed us. And also Anne Marie Isherwood, whose life is an example of Christian business and faith. We through

her understood that it was time to disciple and pour into Business people the impartation that is needed, to survive what the world

calls the CREDIT CRUNCH. This is a spiritual event which God has allowed for a purpose. To root out greed. The Lord gave me the vision

to write a book and manual which is in progress now, to train people in KINGDOM ECONOMICS. This book I believe will be

revolutionary because it aims to make the distinction between the WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM and that of THE KINGDOM. This book

is going to be PUBLISHED BY PORTUGAL FIRE! MINISTRIES and offered at a symbolic fee, not too expensive, not to profit from it,

but we desire that ministries and Churches invite us for conferences and seminars of this subject. So we are available to the Lord,

but I anticipate that the invites will come on reading the book.


The Lord showed us that He is about to pour out revival over the nations, and it is very soon. We need to prepare for it. I anticipate that it will be

in 2009. The Lord showed us that many of the visions, or so called visions are too man centered and not Jesus centered, so we

had to own up and readjust this. The Lord prospers in every way the ministry that reflects Him.


So what of 2009? I believe it is going to be the best year yet. The media are labelling the darkest year yet, with so much uncertainty. We as believers

cannot take on this mentality. If we do it negates, annuls the work of God in us. We will become impotent and we will see the devil come

riding into our ministries, our businesses and our homes with poverty, with sickness. If we are moving and called in Him we must see that we are

walking in His Favour. This means that the angel of destruction may pass over our house, our ministry, our business but he will pass over, and see

the Blood of Jesus over our doorposts. We shall not be touched, but that day, which is this day, we shall receive the transference as

the covenant of Abraham meted out to us through Christ.

Therefore, if we desire to see 2009, we must see it as two different rivers, flowing in two directions, one flowing down from Calvary, from the Altar, down

the valleys, making grow great trees, and great plants, which shall bear fruit every month. Even the dead areas shall be made fresh and living. (Ezekiel 47).

God is about to shine through His People. The other river does the opposite, flows up through to leaders bringing them into judgment.

It has been so good to write, remembering all what God has done for us this year. Our thanks go to God for all those who have been

with the Lord for us, and I know God will bring them recompense. For their time, their hearts. I believe that I wanted not only to tell you

of what happened with us, but also I desired to be a blessing. Relaying what God is saying to all of us.

May God bless you this Christmas.

Russell and Paula Durose


Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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