The angel that passes over

Everyone speaks of crisis, crisis economically, crisis in the family, youth, children, of values.

Crisis is an angel which executes a predetermined judgment over Egypt. Egypt is symbolic of the world. The “children of Israel” are those who are in the world but their destiny is not part of it. Therefore God has many purposes with them.

First He makes them come into community, into family, a transitioning between family and nation. The main focus being the “Lamb” for which must be accompanied by Unleavened Bread, and eaten up. The unleavened Bread is the bitter bread, reminding them of their former existence, and getting them to think of their vision.

They must spread the blood, freshly taken from the Lamb and smear it on their doorposts…so that when the Angel passes they are excluded from the judgments.

This is a prophetic word for today. This is for us. We must come into COMMUNITY AND UNITY…FAMILY, so that we partake of the “Lamb” in its true sense. Then when the judgments rage over the earth, so God will arrange a transference of wealth unimaginable to the saints. I believe we are in that season now.


This will be my message for tonight in Vila do Conde, Portugal.

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