The Lie concerning 2009

Dear Brethren,
I am writing to declare what God has told me about 2009. There are so many lies from the press and from the media, that it is putting to the test the faith and mostly exhausted state concerning the year. They are declaring that the year shall be the darkest financially speaking. The Lord has told me specifically to preach concerning the prophetic scripture based in Exodus 12, concerning the passover.
The Lord says that 2009 is the year of "The Passover." He says that there shall be a coming together of believers in a conviction that the whole concept of fellowship and unity should be rethought. There shall be needed a whole new reappraisal on being a spiritual family. The Lord is allowing a great famine to come on the earth, in the shape of an angel, that passes over. This shall execute the judgments of the Lord. But those covered under the Covenant Blood of Jesus Christ, the Pascal Lamb, spoken of in Exodus 12 shall be spared. They shall know the protection of the Lord. They will need to be prepared, with their belts of truth girded, and to get a notion that we are "passing over."
Before the actual passing over, which is the Church being caught up, God will transfer into the hands of trusted believers great riches, there shall be a spoiling, like has never been seen. 2009 is a preparation in this. Congregations which do not practice the lifestyle of true brotherly love, and true fellowship cannot "eat of the lamb." Eating of the lamb, must be done quickly, because the eating of the "Lamb" must be done in family, and must not be left anything. Or it should be burned. The Lord says that once congregations of His Church come into the true koinonia, then they can eat of Christ. This means that Christ’s manifestation shall come into the midst of the congregation. It means that they shall be ready, because the Church shall leave this "Egypt" suddenly.
I preached this message last night at Vila do Conde Assemblies of God Church, Northern Portugal, last night, it was accompanied by a great presence of the Lord. The Lord is about to mark 2009 as a great YEAR OF REVIVAL. It is not going to be the worst year…it is going to be the best year.

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