Looking for my relatives in Australia.

05 January

Searching for Relatives in Australia

Dear Reader,

I am trying to find relatives in Australia, in Adelaide to be exact. The relatives are the sister of my late father Terry Durose, Olive Pepper née Durose, who I have not seen since 1990. She must be going on 70 now. My father, would have been 60 in 2002, so had my father been alive today would be 67 this January. The inspiration to look for them came through an installation on Virtual Earth, looking at Klar Avenue in Darlington, Adelaide. I am anxious to find them, i.e Olive, my aunt and her husband Jim, who emigrated from the UK in 1965. So they have been in Australia just 44 years!!! If anyone can help me find them, so I can take a trip down under with my family, to see them, as time has gone. If anyone has any info, please email ephesians4resources@gmail.com or russell.durose@prayer-revival-initiative.com . It has been a lifelong ambition to go "down under", so if anyone can help…I would so appreciate it. Since I have been here in Portugal since 1995, I have lost both grandparents, i.e Harry and Edith Durose, of Eastwood, Nottingham. I know for my aunt Olive, and children Mitchell and his brother, to which, to my shame, forgotten his name. I it is so much time since I saw any of them. I know that Mitchell went to UK with his mother, in 1978, so much time. I know that his brother went to live in Alice Springs. But since my own grandmother, died, some years ago, and losing contact with Vera Proctor, my other aunt in Eastwood Nottingham, I have no other information. We let so much time go, we do not perceive that indeed time has gone. I would appreciate it so much if someone out there find them, and we make contact.


My contacts will be given when firm contact as in phone number can be given.

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