Pam ClarkWe prayed for Change
For all the noise Christians have made about Obama, I wonder how many heard him on the news just say that we should not have a divided Jerusalem.  Of course many out there wanted to correct him on that but it came across that he does support Israel and its capital city.  I am not saying I know or represent his views but the right support could be beneficial. 

We have prayed for change and change we are going to get.  I totally agree that if we are lethargic about issues, God is going to clean us out as a pot and turn us upside down.  He’s given a real strong "hint" already in many ways.

People for years have been crying "Mercy, Mercy" but that has a certain time limit, it’s not something we can pray and then think that justice and righteousness will be ignored.  We are facing the results to those prayers now and not a lot changed.  People just wanted off the hook but they didn’t want to change!

Some did, I think, but in the big picture, many have not.  It is time now to get pro-active in a big way.  Limp wristed justice is not going to fly.  People who just want to cry and whine and talk about others in their own judgments are going to be dealt with.

In the name of "mercy" they have been getting away with murder.  It’s going to change.  Either we get it right in our mind and hearts or God will use His power to make the point that justice can be carried out in society measures.

We As Salt

We as salt and light Christians are not standing for the most basic of issues.  What is a proper boy and girl and man and woman and husband and wife and what is a proper and decent family and how should major offenses be handled?  Seduction and lewdness is at an all time high.  Children are being encouraged to the harlot ways of Babylon – men treating women like objects to be used and abused and then rejected, not seeing their gift within, and women seeking to gain advantages by exploiting their bodies in a way that bypasses the mind and heart so they are treated like disposable goods, using flatteries and manipulations.

We have the neo-nerds who also are so intellectual that they can’t relate to natural life in normal positive ways.  Kinky and freaky and deceptive is "in" and violence is endorsed and encouraged along with mockery and disrepect of proper authorities – from video games to real life!  God is not going to judge this?  Oh yes He is!!!  Where are the Christians?

Even prophetic Christians too often get so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.  The false gospel is for sale and believe me, it’s a going out of business sale!   People seek for entertaining power and that becomes a sport.  The wars in the church are almost anything but real Christianity.

Competitive Christians see how the world does it and so they want to do it too, one better than their colleagues.  This is NOT real Christianity.  They have bypassed real issues for the superficial needs.  I have heard with my own ears and recently on a television documentary how MANY homeless people say they are not motivated to work because everything they need is freely available to them.

Putting Bandaids on People

We are putting bandaids on people because we are not being truly equipped for the ministry.  The ministry is hustled with political means and agendas and "their vote" is how they are enticed to participate and respond with a few bucks enclosed – and it’s meaningless!  Nothing is changing!  Apparently the money goes for more paper and buildings and staff to support the next wave of causes of finding hot buttons so people will give and think they are accomplishing something.  The heart has been totally bypassed in reality.  It’s the "dont bother me" Christianity.

The proof is in the solicitation appeals for personal investment giving – in the Name of the Lord, "of course."   It doesn’t work that way!!!  How many financial crises until you believe it???  Many pastors and prophets are to blame for presenting a false Christianity.  I heard the craziest word the other day – that said this certain building fell down so that means the nation is not going to do things like they did before.  I’m sorry, that is not how you get prophetic words!!!

If you don’t already know and have a sense of what I am talking about, then that shows you how relevant that word was!  You seek GOD for prophetic words and incorporate His Spirit, His Will and Word together.  False prognostication, even words that come true, based on circumstancial events are not true prophetic words from the Holy Spirit.  I don’t care how well they rhyme!!!

People rally around the most idiotic lame brain words.  They will boast holy prophetic word fulfillment because the letters in their Campells soup got on the spoon in a certain way!  God does interesting things but if we have no real measure, then it’s all foolishness!

I could go for years and the TONS of prophetic veiled prognotications would not affect me.  In fact I might save some time if I didn’t read them or even try to make something of something NOT significant.  But everyone wants a prophet or wants to be one so "let me try my hand at it" they say but the foundation is utterly wax.  A little heat and it’s gone!  No one even thinks about it.  Or they scream and cry because they didn’t get their magic.

I went to a conference once about 3 years ago and there was a minister there who was a little bit of a big shot in the town.  There were all these wonderful exciting words about what was coming and I took good notes.  A couple of years later I pulled out the notes to see how accurate they were and they were 90% off!  Sounded good, but definitely forgotten and all wrong!  But he was a hero because he was young and good looking, dressed nice, had a good income and charisma.  But a prophet?  NO.  He just fit the world standard of "cool."

No one Cared

But no one really cared or followed up because hardly any of what is called prophetic is prophetic these days.  People can’t hear because their ears and hearts are not trained to hear.  All they care about is immediate needs and self absorbtion.  It’s the blind leading the blind and as long as no one takes the mattresses off of the walls they bang into, they think it’s one big party.

Pastors and leaders today try to put Godly demands on people but the children or the flock is so insolent and haughty that they are scorned for their exhortations.  Well guess what?  I am prophesying to you that God is going to take all that scorn away!  God knows how to humble a generation so that they do tremble at His Word!  You may fight and hurt and kill your Spiritual leaders for a while (and be judged for it) but God can make you appreciate even them..  God can take away food in a way that will make you ashamed of saying:  "Rub a dub, dub, thanks for the grub" if people even think to say that.

And people will be howling loud early on because they are big babies but more is coming.  There is so much JUNK in ministers that even children can see it.  They don’t know what to do about it but they do see it and their young spirits grieve over it.  But they get desensitized and become sinners too because they don’t know how to care the right way.

I am not saying to you that God is going to get you because you don’t hear ME.  I am saying that God will deny you because you don’t hear HIM!  Yes, change is coming, we want change.  But if you don’t understand what His real will is and if you politicize the Body of Christ, you are going to get off track in a big way.  It’s already happened so watch the results unless you hear things well in the Spirit.

This political spirit wants to group you and control you and collect funds and use the funds for personal agendas.  But don’t accuse others unless you are doing some positive things right! 

Our Government

Today our government that we put in place is not honoring the people and their functions AT ALL!  Why?  Because there is no personal accountability, it’s every man and woman for themselves.  So trust is gone and efforts are not evaluated and valued and loyalty has become a virtue of the past.

Mammon has found its place of honor on the idol throne!  The sin I am speaking of is not that of just the last five years;  it has gone on much longer than that but it is reaching its crest.  There is a small remnant who understands and cares but believe me, it’s small or it would be making a bigger difference.  I have hated feeling impotent but it takes a team effort with a God’s will  (not just man’s) focus.

God cares about His servants and they are suffering now but they will be vindicated for integrity’s sake and if you love God, integrity matters, even if you are working on it.  But today foolishness and silliness reigns and honor is not being given where honor is due and so the prophets are blind and their words are lost in volumes and volumes of JUNK WORDS!  Why try not going for the numbers and raise up a holy remnant?


I am for encouraging the gifts but with the kindness and humility of accountability.  I know I can give accurate words in the right atmosphere (and many are way better than me!) but in this low level life wicked generation I can’t give a word at all, it seems! 

I used to blame just myself but I don’t anymore.  I can big time sense what is coming and there will be mercy pockets but the pleas for help are going to come fast and hard and furious and aggressive people will just take what they think they want and need!  And many when they don’t get their way will throw their fits as you see on the nightly news criminal reports, but it will be much worse than it is now.

People have way too much advice for their leaders or if what they have is good, they are not being taught the right approach and so often it’s not even given when it is needed and as God requires it of you.  The world system and world’s ways are being held up as the standard and advice is cheap and plentiful on it.  A holy man or woman is known as holy.

GOD CAN get His message across.  It’s not His will to hang you over hell on a rotten stick.  It’s also not His will to lie to you.  He doesn’t work like that.  But He can get your attention and if you don’t catch on and do your true ministry in an atmosphere of loving holiness, then I can promise that hard times are coming for the soul.

I heard the literal screams for justice from a young generation of THOUSANDS of young people this last weekend at a conference.  They cried for a Judge and One is coming.  God has not forsaken His true people.  And He will come in a vengeance for His TRUE Name and Words of Life.
Pam Clark

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