Pray for Jill Austin

We just received word from Matt Sorger that our fellow friend, Jill Austin, is very sick and is in critical condition.
Matt Sorger told us that earlier this week, Jill Austin was throwing up for 36 hours. Doctors had found that her intestines were twisted, cutting off her blood supply, after which infection set in. Doctors said that if she wasn’t in surgery within a day, she would be gone.
Jill is currently in the hospital, in intensive care, on a ventilator, and again – is in critical condition. Doctors performed a second surgery just a few hours ago.
Intercessors – pray fervently for Jill Austin. Pray for the doctors wisdom to be God’s wisdom and for the doctors hands to be God’s hands. Pray for health and life abundantly and for a full recovery, and whatever the Holy Spirit impresses upon you.
Jill Austin is a dear friend of this ministry. She was one of the very first people I ever saw who operated in power – a VERY long time before the Toronto Blessing broke out. People would laugh, cry, be slain in the spirit, and be prophesied over – all at the same meeting. She seeks God with all her heart.
Now she needs all OUR HEARTS with urgency of prayer.
Let’s lift up this mighty woman of God – who has poured out her life to the Lord – with all we’ve got! Let’s all PLEASE PRAY RIGHT NOW, even as you read this!


This was taken from Lit4Ever Forum.

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