The Cross of Ministry

This week has been very tough indeed. It seems we are like Paul, when he says we are given up to death daily. There are always those who attack us, criticise, but few who are true friends, who give their honesty in exchange for support. I must say that these last few days have been the toughest. In it I have to recognize that in part I have some faults in this, but when we have faults we can be received in our humility, but some when they see our faults want to hit us until we fall. This is both cruelty and pride.

We are not down, nor are we out, we are simply embracing a process that has eternal fruits. Those fruits are got through the winter of our souls, when all outer activity has a lull. Then the frosts, bite furiously at our branches. Then the more tougher the winter, the greater fruit. However painful we must embrace it and let it do its work.

I heard news of my cousin, who died a couple of years ago, was not told, I did not know. Therefore, some of these things are too tough to handle in the moment, but we take time. This is all for sanctification. This is all for perfecting. We are at best selfish beings, who think nothing of others, until it is too late, then we cry out, others cannot hear us, because they left us in our station, of the past, they have gone on, into their future and left us behind. What has to be trusted is the quality of our humility and through this we can see whether they will come back to embrace us afresh.

What we do not value in one moment is gold the next.

I heard a story of a man who had to get over a lake. He saw no way, so he prayed to God. God sent an angel in a boat. This angel took him over, a poor man, and motioned him to open out his hand, because he wanted to bless the man. But when the man saw the things which were given, they looked like woodshavings in the darkness of night. He became disgusted and threw them into the lake. The next day, he saw one of the shavings falled into his hat, it was pure gold.

An eternal lesson summed up, in the scripture of Zechariah 4, that says do not despise the day of small things….

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