Relationships…will we ever get it right?

The Danger of Being Influenced in any way

The influence of what I speak is not spiritual, but I am talking about the human level, the way that relationships can affect us in an adverse way. I am speaking of being influenced. I mean feeding wrong information to influential people that generates a PREDETERMINED EFFECT. This in itself and in a nutshell is MANIPULATION. I have from time to time seen people label manipulation and all sorts of accusations. This causes the average person to back off the one so labelled. This happens all the time within the Church, and have been the object of some of this.

First of all let us establish something here, anything negative you hear about another person from a friend, colleague, brother or sister in Christ, is NOT TO BE ACTED ON WITH FEAR. We must first of all verify what is being said is really true or not. This in itself is GOSSIP AND IS OPERATING IN A LYING SPIRIT, MANIPULATIVE STRATEGY. We must also know that most DEFEND THEIR OWN SPACE, and do not have a 3rd dimensional mentality to know that we must UNDERSTAND CONTRIBUTING FACTORS, HIDDEN AGENDAS, FLEEING REALITY, PRESSURE POINTS in any one of us.

The fact is, we Christians are very low on relationships, we do not know how to relate. Jesus put it simply, we do good to those who do good to us. We repay evil for evil. We hide behind pet theology, to get away from going that extra mile, or for helping out those crying out because of extreme misfortune in the world we are living in. This world is going crazy, and is going morally bankrupt. There is so much bitterness, anger, disappointment, that there are obvious avenues for their escape. Now that is why Marx called religion the opium of all the people, because they flee into it, with masks of self-sufficiency, without necessarily having a REAL CONVERSION OF ANY SORT. Rather, we turned religious, bringing with us corrupt world values, which have no place in a place where Christ should rule. That is why congregations are at each others’ throats, or not having even this courage, but behind closed doors, changing the destiny of others through key and bitter conversations to those who are able to be influenced. That is, those with a sensitive heart. Those who are considered “naive” because they are people who believe the best in others, are betrayed behind closed doors, because others have the pleasure of making others’ lives a hell, because their own does not have the chances they would like.

I am today pretty disappointed, because many hide behind petty doctrines, to explain away their own doubts, which in this INSTANT WORLD, where there is no delay, where there is everything done so much faster. Where there is doubt there should be acted out on negatively. The premise that we are innocent before PROVEN guilty is not a reality…we are GUILTY WITHOUT BEING PROVEN INNOCENT…because once marked forever burned!

In all my years of Christian ministry, I have met the worst kind of people, and many of them are also on the internet. The best people are on the blogosphere. The best people hide behind the screen knowing, learning that to expose any part of themselves is an invitation for a “demonic” invasion of “believer” opinion. How many hastily prophesied to us, saying we are in a curse situation,  that demons have invaded our lives, then offered the quick fix situation to please and fall into the best perception. For others, are gossiped about, inventing what are really appearances as though they are realities, without taking consideration whether what appeared was merely a reflection, and a poor one, of a painful reality. I have had others come into relationship with us, when we were successful, when we could fulfil the agenda of others, then when we had needs, they fled away saying that we were in disobedience and without faith, not deserving of their relationship to us, or with us.

So let me be revolutionary, who is the most maligned, the most horrible, the most undesirable to the majority, is probably where Jesus is right now. Let us join that company, for where there is REJECTION FROM THE MAJORITY MEANS WE ARE IN THE COMPANY OF THE CELESTIALLY ACCEPTED AND TREASURED. Therefore, wherever the pariah is, is where society cannot face up to its shortcomings, its imperfections. Judging by appearance or by non appearance. Judging between the have and the have not. Favouring that which can fulfil our selfish agenda.

I know that this is a very negative piece of literature, but it must be faced. We cannot talk about a Christ saving humankind until we see that He must first save us…from what? From ourselves. We are the ones who do not crucify the Lord, but prefer not to take the same shame, or the same fate, preferring to watch a world betrayal from afar, willing to cry the bitter tears before the cock has crowed those 3 times. The cock has crowed ever since, and we are still denying Him, preferring not to take the reproach than be worldly respectable…in the eyes of the world, mere philosophers for a system we barely can live unto. We dip and dive between theological hoola hoops when we are caught in our mistakes and errors. Instead of presenting the fact that we, who are human, have no chance to save ourselves, rather in our humility we have confronted our own corrupt self, and seen without Christ it is less than hopeful…

Our own weaknesses, our own disillusionment, our trials, our sicknesses, our poverty, cannot be faced by most, as much as in the days of Apostle Paul. Many stumbled, because he faced much hardship. Today if modern Christian counsellors would counsel him, he would probably be the most cursed, most demonized. We would say he would need inner healing, even preach or prophesy to him about the need to have a new strategy to win the lost, maybe give a message that was less hard, less sacrificial.

We have created a pseudo-existence, to escape from personal responsibility. We have created a Christianity that caters for all wants, without costing anything. I even have heard ministers say, do not speak about your needs. Keep quiet, do not say anything, make your message over positive, make it victorious. Make it good. People need it today, because they cannot be confronted with this cruel world….people want to hype themselves up…meaning they have substituted drink and drugs with a spiritual high…just get the formula right, the feeling right, and we are on the way to heaven. Substitution is mistakenly known as salvation. I did not get saved to substitute what I was or did…my old man DIED, passed into non existence. I went to the bar before, and now I go to Church. The world hates this. It is merely substitution of behaviours and habits than true transformation. I did not conform to a behaviour, no I was transformed in my nature.

The modern believer is not studying, not discerning…he is simply in search of the “do good, feel good factor.” He does not see the false come before him…to deceive him. He is already deceived because otherwise he would have sensed it straightaway. He is deceived by his own comfort zone, of inactivity and unbelief, set up years and years ago, when living in the Spirit was given up on. He is now in search of routines and justifications. He is now brain washed into believing his own pseudo Christianity…how did this happen?

It happened because it was easier to conform than transform…was EASIER TO LIVE 2ND BEST…was easier to philosophize your way into sin. Sin in itself is falling short, and accepting all other than the absolute. There will come a day when the wakeup call will come…and those who considered themselves believers shall be thrown into darkness…

The believer will ask the Lord.” why I am going to the darkness?”

The Lord will answer you: “You lived in ever increasing degrees of darkness, not just deceiving yourself but all your generation. To be deceived is to be deceivable. To be dark is not to live in the light. You lived in an appearance, but here in death, all appearances, masks and actors are dispensed with, here bare realities are seen by all. The show is over, and the actors return to the real life. “

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