The economic meltdown will affect Churches and Ministries


28 January

Economic Meltdown will affect the Church and Ministries

It is official! The bubble has burst! Churches and ministries can look on as a world economy melts down into a mess before a new system is installed as an alternative. The fact is that Iceland’s collapse is the tip of a global problem. Tie debt to failing and falling values on raw materials and properties, whilst the climbing debt has no relation to total investment and total patrimony. This negative equity is a cord tied to the neck that speculators and credit controllers will call in one day, and we shall have no liquidity to match any reformed or revised payment plan…in short, default.

In short it means that bankrupcy and closures will ensue from here, meaning that the Church will have to restructure, if it depends on tithes and offerings. The first casualty in all this is ITINERANT MINISTRY. They are funded by boards and groups of investors. These being snatched up with fear backed rhetoric in the pulpit, making out that tithes were always for the local Church is a symptom of a greater ill…that is we are already in a world economic meltdown, and famine is likely…in that families will become ENSLAVED TO WORK GOVERNMENTS TO SURVIVE. There is a theory that in a scenario such as this, war is very likely to kill off a generation to save the continuation of the sustainability of a world balance of existence.

The facts are clear…Churches, evangelicals are depending on a sinking world system, tithes fixed to salaries gained in businesses which are subject to the health of a national and world economy. As members are made unemployed, so the tithe cannot be paid, hence pastors and ministers must abandon their concept of a tithe run ministry.

I must add that it is urgent that a strategy and a wisdom be sought, because the Bible teaches that faith in God, which is practiced by very so few, will mean many pastors and ministers abandoning the idea of a vocation, than work for necessity. This is a great corruption of the Bible and the idea of Church founded by Christ, instructed and structured by apostles.

I am writing an extensive work based on this problem, in that there needs to be put in place an alternative system, so that the Great Commission can be fulfilled in our lifetime. This is the crux of the matter.

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